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Our Work


Supporting collaborative projects

The Centre's principle role is to support and enable clinicians to undertake practice-based research that is directed toward improving patient, health and service outcomes. The NMRC also undertakes research focused on broader Nursing and Midwifery workforce and professional issues.

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The Centre maintains a register of Nursing and Midwifery led research that is  being undertaken in the District. The register enables the Centre to facilitate connections, collaborative opportunities and to showcase the extent and type of Nursing and Midwifery research being undertaken within the LHD. The Centre updates the publicly available register quarterly. A copy of the register is available here: HNE Nursing and Midwifery Register. The Centre invites you to register your research by completing the Research Register Form. 

Research leadership

By being part of and working with research teams the Centre connects clinician researchers with resources. This supports the development of small scale pilots and concept development through to the implementation of large multisite funded projects. For example, the project "Reducing inappropriate catheterisation to prevent catheter-associated urinary tract infection (CAUTI) through a hospital-wide, bundled catheter care (BCC) approach: A non-randomised, controlled intervention study".  This is a collaborative project that has been fostered through conceptualisation, piloting and now supported through larger competitive funding from the NSW Health Translational Research Grant Scheme (TRGS) in 2016.

Research capacity building supports and initiatives

The Centre is available to provide advice, support and guidance for individuals and teams who would like to upskill in any aspect of the research process, for example conducting a literature review, designing a research protocol, including qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods research, applying for competitive research funding, project management, data analysis, and reporting on research outcomes. In order to access the services offered by the Centre please complete the NMRC Request for Consultation Form.

Additionally the NMRC provides a number of research skills seminars and education forums throughout the year. These seminars and forums are designed to profile research being undertaken by nurses and midwives across the LHD, to enhance research skills development, and to provide an opportunity for clinician researchers to network and collaborate. Upcoming programs and events are posted on the NMRC news and events page.