​Share Knowledge


Why we need to share knowledge?

“Healthcare is a highly complex, evidenced based environment and a knowledge intensive industry. There are significant opportunities for health services from better sharing and integration of knowledge.

Knowledge, innovations and improvement initiatives are widely produced throughout the health system yet are often not shared in a systematic way, leading to duplication, inefficient and wasted time and resource management.

It is expected the benefits of effective knowledge management will help to develop a culture of learning and will contribute to:

  • Enhancing collaboration with partners

  • Providing more accurate and accessible information and knowledge resources

  • Assisting to reduce costs by reducing duplication of effort

  • Increasing speed of response as a direct result of better knowledge access and application

  • Reducing the tendency to ‘reinvent the wheel’ or ‘repeat the same mistakes’. 

  • Improving efficiency and quality of work with more collective and systematic processes.”


Agency for Clinical Innovation 2013

Innovation Exchange

The Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) has a web based portal for knowledge sharing called the Innovation Exchange (IE).

To submit projects onto the Innovation Exchange refer to HNE approval process: