About Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI)


The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), an independent not-for-profit organization based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and is a leading innovator, convener, partner, and driver of results in health and health care improvement worldwide. IHI takes a unique approach to working with health systems, countries, and other organisations on improving quality, safety, and value in health care. This approach is called the science of improvement and HNE staff now have online access to this approach.

Do you

  • want to improve your service?

  • want to know more about best practice?

  • have an idea to improve your service and want to know how?

  • want access to free online learning?

  • want access to professional development opportunities? 

HNE staff now have access to IHI's extensive Resources and  Education opportunities for all healthcare professionals from senior health managers to front line staff who would like to know how to improve care within their service.

IHI's five key focus areas

  • Improvement Capability: Ensuring that improvement science drives our work and that we extend the reach and impact of the improvement community

  • Person & Family Centred Care: Putting the patient and the family at the heart of every decision and empowering them to be genuine partners in their care

  • Patient Safety: Making care continually safer by reducing harm and preventable mortality

  • Quality, Cost, and Value: Driving affordability and sustainability through quality improvement

  • Triple Aim for Populations: Applying integrated approaches to simultaneously improve care, improve population health, and reduce costs per capita

Get started with these resources

Explore the following resources to get started in accessing IHI's extensive Resources and  Education opportunities:

  • Passport Membership IHI Training gives everyone in HNE Health  invaluable tools, resources, and access to experts to help you meet some of your biggest challenges.

  • WIHI is an exciting "talk show" from IHI that's free, timely, and is designed to help dedicated legions of health and health care improvers worldwide keep up with some of the freshest and most robust thinking and strategies for improving health and patient care. 

How can HNE staff access these resources?

Each staff member needs their own IHI profile and Step by Step Instructions are available to support you to create, complete, or edit your IHI Profile. Once completed, you will have access to information about upcoming Expeditions other Passport member resources found on the Passport Member Resources page. For instructions to register visit Clinical Governance page.

NB: In order to access or download recordings, webex nbr2player software must be installed on your computer. This installation requires desktop services to install as administrator approval is needed.

Who to contact

For further enquiries or assistance  please contact:

Nicole_M - Copy.jpgKaren.jpg
Nicole Manning
Manager, Innovation
Partnership, Innovation & Research 
Mobile: 0428018331

Email: nicole.manning@hnehealth.nsw.gov.au

Karen Chronister 
Manager, Quality Systems,

Clinical Governance

Mobile: 0428864166