High Value Health Care Awards (HVHC Awards)


The High Value Health Care Awards reinforces our focus on High Value Health Care and ensures we recognise work that accomplishes the Triple Aim of meeting population health needs at the highest quality and lowest cost per capita.


If you require assistance or more information regarding the High Value Health Care Awards, please contact HNELHD-ResearchOffice@health.nsw.gov.au

HVHC Award Categories

​Patients as Partners

​Recognising that patients are partners in their health care, this award aims to acknowledge projects/programs which promote collaboration between the patient and the health care team to improve health. Entries should be able to demonstrate innovation in:

• empowering patients to take control of their health and be supported in managing their own health conditions
• shared decision making; the patient is an expert in their own values and needs
• clinicians planning and delivering care in partnership with the patient
• enhancing access to patient centred care for people living with chronic illness
• promotion of CORE values in all patient interaction
• engaging consumers in strategic planning and governance processes.

Delivering Integrated Care    

Integrated care involves the provision of seamless, person-centred care across different health settings, focused on preventing illness and deterioration of health and delivering flexible, continuous and appropriate care in the right place at the right time. This award recognises integrated systems that deliver truly connected care, using the correct information and analytics to inform this integration.

The award acknowledges innovative projects and programs which promote:

  • building new and innovative partnerships between the public, private and/or nongovernment sectors to ensure access to the best possible health care for all residents of HNELHD
  • partnering with community based organisations to provide services for patients in the community
  • defining business models for purchasing services and creating sustainable incentives for both purchaser and provider leading to improved patient outcomes, productivity and efficiencies
  • creating formal links between primary, community and hospital services to deliver health care that meets the needs of patients over time and delivers the best possible health outcomes
  • care provided in appropriate, cost effective settings that are close to home, keeping people well and out of hospital wherever possible
  • seamless transitions between hospital, primary, community, residential and aged care settings
  • innovative funding models, governance arrangements, and information technology solutions that support a sustainable, integrated system of care
  • engaging consumers and clinicians to develop person-centred models of care that are efficient, effective and sustainable, and promote individual responsibility for health
  • partnerships which demonstrate and promote CORE values through the provision of integrated care across organisations in partnership with clinicians, patients and their families and carers.
Patient Safety First

Providing world-class clinical care where patient safety comes first is a key priority for HNE Health, HNE Health has a shared vision that Patient Safety is everybody's business. This award acknowledges a commitment to putting Patient Safety First every day. Projects within this category will display Patient Safety First in:

  • leading quality improvement to ensure safer patient care:
  • delivering innovative approaches to improving patients safety
  • engaging patients in approaches to improve patient safety
  • demonstrating leadership or role modelling behaviour that puts patient safety first.
Keeping People Healthy

​HNE Health is committed to promoting good health through raising awareness of healthy choices, preventing ill health and improving the overall health and wellbeing of the community.  The Keeping People Healthy award, formally The NSW Health Harry Collins Award, has previously commemorated the outstanding commitment and passionate contribution Mr Henry (Harry) Collins. Harry made a particularly outstanding contribution to the “Clean Hands Save Lives” Campaign prior to his death in November 2007. This campaign is an example of a Keeping People Healthy initiative. His dedication to bringing the community’s perspective to the prevention of Healthcare Associated Infections is greatly appreciated by both patients and staff of the HNE health system, and HNE Health is proud to recognise these achievements. This award aims to acknowledge similar innovative projects and programs which promote:

• reducing negative health impacts through improvements in environmental health
• action to support individuals, families and communities to make healthy lifestyle choices
• closing the gap in Aboriginal health outcomes
• improving lifestyles by targeting public health priorities such as tobacco control, physical activity, obesity, infectious disease, oral health, diabetes prevention and addressing harmful risk factors
• identifying and improving health outcomes for risk groups, e.g. children, youth, older people, workers and disadvantaged groups
• primary, secondary and population health prevention
• the integration of the CORE values in promoting healthy living.

Supporting our People

Developing and supporting our people and culture is a priority for HNE Health, an employer of over 140,000 staff. By supporting the people working for HNE Health, positive interactions in the workplace are inspired and health outcomes are improved. Initiatives within this category will show support for people within HNE Health by:

• working collaboratively within the HNE Health system to improve health outcomes
• growing and supporting a skilled workforce by hiring and developing the right people, with the right skills, at the right time
• fostering a culture that reflects the NSW Health CORE values & respects diversity
• developing effective health professional managers and leaders.

A Safe and Healthy Workplace

HNE Health is committed to ensuring a safe and healthy environment for patients and staff. This award aims to acknowledge the strong safety and healthy culture that underpins HNE Health’s commitment to providing a safe working environment for all staff. This category should demonstrate workplace safety in:

• improved systems and efficiencies to support better workplace safety and health outcomes
• ownership and adoption of workplace health and safety practices
• support for long-term behaviour change to strengthen the staff health safety culture
• increased awareness of the importance of personal safety alongside patient safety
• enhanced access and training in workplace health and safety
• emphasis of CORE values in all staff interaction and training.

Health Research and Innovation

Collaboration between researchers, policy makers, service users, health managers and clinicians in research is critical and can lead to findings that are more likely to be innovative and positively inform health decisions. This includes innovative future focused infrastructure and digital health initiatives. Awardees may have demonstrated outstanding and innovative achievements by establishing:
• ways of assisting clinicians and health decision makers to find or use research effectively
• research partnerships or collaborations involving clinicians, health service providers, decision makers and/or consumers that have led to outstanding examples of research that changed policy or practice
• acknowledgement by decision makers of the impact of research on their policy or practice
• eHealth, health information and data analytics to support and harness health & medical research and innovation
• clinical practices and processes delivered through innovative built spaces including new approaches to effective and efficient building outcomes to deliver clinical outcomes.

Excellence in the Provision of Mental Health Services

Mental Health is a priority area for both HNE Health and the NSW Government, with one in five (20%) Australians aged 16-85 experience a mental illness in any year. This award recognises and showcases innovation in improving the quality and safety of mental health patient care within programs which display:
• best practice, excellence and innovation in mental health service delivery
• development of consumer focused services
• positive mental health and wellbeing through consumer and carer participation
• improved prevention and early intervention

​Sustainability and Environmental Health

For the second year running The HNE Sustainability and Environment Award acknowledges projects, programs and staff with outstanding innovation and potential to deliver environmental benefits in a health care setting across Hunter New England Local Health District.

Recognising that climate change and unsustainable resource use are contributing to ill-health the world over, this award aims to acknowledge environmental sustainability projects, practices and programs which promote healthcare without harm. 

Please see attached guidelines and criteria for each category, the information enclosed in this document is to be considered whilst completing your application.

2020 Excellence Awards Guidelines and Criteria


How to Prepare a Submission_2020 HVHC Awards


All applications are to be to submitted using the online system Award Force https://hnehealth.awardsplatform.com, further details can be located within the 2020 HNE Excellence Awards Guidelines. Please ensure you allocate enough time to have your application endorsed by your manager within Awardforce, prior to submission deadline.