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2016 Excellence Awards Submissions

Nominations have now closed for the annual HNE Excellence Awards. Each year there is strong interest from right across the District and this year is no exception with about 46 high quality nominations received for Achievement Awards and 62 for the High Value Health Care Awards. The finalists for the High Value Healthcare and the Achievement Awards will be announced in CE News in late July, and the winners will be announced at the Excellence Awards Gala Dinner at Newcastle City Hall on Wednesday 24 August 2016.

The following table showcases all nominees for each categories within the Excellence Awards.



The Achievement Awards celebrate our top performing staff, volunteers and teams from across Hunter New England Health and reflect the organisation’s commitment to Excellence for every patient, every time. 

High Value Health Care Awards

The High Value Health Care Awards reinforces our focus on High Value Health Care and ensures we recognise work that accomplishes the Triple Aim of meeting population health needs at the highest quality and lowest cost per capita.

​​Collaborative Leader of the Year

Kelly Adams – Renal Stream Co-ordinator

Dr Nicole Gerrand – Manager Research Support and Development Office

Fiona Lysaught – Excellence Coach, Rural & Regional Health Services

Elizabeth Moore – Acting Nurse Manager Banskia Health, Peel Mental Health

Dr Martin Rowley – Clinical Lead, Critical Care Network and ICU Stream

Julie Smith – Manager, Aboriginal Employment, Workforce 

​​Patients as Partners 

Birra li ante-natal classes

Patient led creation of Aboriginal Cancer Resources

Patient-reported Outcome Measures in Speech Pathology

'It's Now or Never' Meaningful Conversations at End of Life

Written by the Mob for the Mob

​​Staff Member of the Year

Dr Shamasunder Acharya – Clinical Director/Staff Specialist, Endocrinology,

John Hunter Hospital

Lynn Choo – Senior Pharmacist, John Hunter Hospital Pharmacy Department

Evelyn Collins – Parkinson’ Disease Clinical Nurse Specialist, John Hunter Hospital

Andrew Daley – Registered Nurse, Tenterfield Mental Health

Dr Sergio Diez Alverez - Clinical Director, Maitland Hospital

Jenny Forbes – Marketing & Recruitment Manager, Hunter New England Imagine/BreastScreen NSW HNE

Leanne Johnson – General Manager, Mental Health

Julia Martin – Dietitian, John Hunter Hospital 

Elizabeth Moore - Acting Nurse Manager Banskia Health, Peel Mental Health

Michael Moore, Health Service Manager, Tenterfield Health Service

Rachel Peake – Stroke Care Co-ordinator, Peel & Mehi Sectors

Jared Walters – Clinical Applications Leader & Oral Health Therapy Clinical Lead

 Integrated Health Care 

 Aboriginal Chronic Disease Services in HNE: Providing equitable, accessible, localised and culturally appropriate services to Aboriginal People

Aboriginal Eye and Ear Program (AE&EP)

A Telehealth Care Model for patients with a spinal fracture

Cerebral Palsy Saliva Management: A Team Approach

Hunter Diabetes Alliance integration project

Relieving the pressure long term

Screening for mood disorders in Masterstroke

Strengthening the Nurse Practitioner role to improve patient and local health outcomes through evidence based leadershi

The VIP Program

Wallsend Aged Care Facility (WACF) Resident Focus on Healthy Lifestyle Program


Clinical Team of the Year

Aboriginal Dental Assistant Career Pathway Program

Hunter New England Health School Vaccination Program Team

Maitland Hospital Emergency Department

Maitland Hospital Maternity Unit

Newcastle Mental Health Team

Paediatric Palliative Care Service

Renal Clinical Stream

 Translational Research

Enhancing the delivery of evidence-based care processes at the very end of life

Pre-hospital Thrombolysis and Transfer Achieves Optimal Outcomes in ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction

Should we Treat Obesity in COPD?  The Effects of Diet and Resistance Exercise Training


 Support Team of the Year

Health Safety & Insurable Risk - Workforce

Hunter Equipment Service – Greater Newcastle Sector

Human Resources Corporate – HNE Overpayments Team

Medical Workforce - Workforce

Respectful Workplace - Organisational Development & Design, Workforce

​Arts and Health

Art and Culture at Tamworth Hospital Arts In Recovery

Gomeroi gaaynggal Arts Health for Indigenous Women

Music group activity on a mental health inpatient unit


​Excellence in Workplace Safety

 Belmont Hospital Volunteer Patient Care Services

 Katie Whysall - Work Health & Safety Co-ordinator, Armidale Hospital

Wallsend Aged Care Facility – Henry Unit

Paul Townsend- Health Service Manager, Gloucester Health Service


 Preventive Health

 A WayForward - Youth Matter

 Computer assisted self-interview in a sexual health clinic

 Hunter New England Closing the Gap Report

 Physical Activity for Everyone: Preventing the decline in physical activity

 The Aboriginal Health Unit Close the Gap Forum:  An initiative of the Greater Newcastle Sector

 Thinking Big: Transforming Bariatric Care

​​Volunteer of the Year - Group

Brook Carers Volunteers – Muswellbrook District Health Service

Maitland Hospital Volunteer Hand Care Program – Maitland Hospital

Marlin Day Centre Volunteers – Nelson Bay Community Health Centre

Music, Art & Child Life Therapy Volunteers – John Hunter Children's Hospital

Paediatric Emergency Department Volunteers - John Hunter Children's Hospital

United Hospitals Auxiliary - Bulahdelah Health Service

United Hospitals Auxiliary - Denman Multi Purpose Service

United Hospitals Auxiliary - Glen Innes Health Service

United Hospitals Auxiliary – Merriwa Multi Purpose Service

Wig Service Volunteers – Calvary Mater Newcastle


 ​Collaborative Team

A Transdisciplinary Approach to Brain Injury Rehabilitation

Calories closer to theatre-Pre-Op Fasting not Starving!

Clozapine - Collaboration with Cardiology/Mental Health

Embracing the change " TMH Rehabilitation â€" a collaborative team working for better patient care

Equipment Commitment: Supporting the Choice to Die at Home

Excellence in the care of older people

JMO Quality & Safety Program

John Hunter Hospital Intravenous Cannulation Project: An Alliance between Junior Medical Officers and Registered Nurses_ 2016 Update

Murrurundi Falls Prevention: Not For the Faint Hearted

New England Cancer Connect- Partnerships in Action

Safe and Timely Access to Care (SATAC)

Team approach to improve patient care and communication

Workplace Harmony Framework

Volunteer of the Year - Individual

Carol-Anne Clement – John Hunter Children's Hospital

June Hill – Calvary Mater Newcastle

Douglas Heywood – Cardiac Rehabilitation, John Hunter Hospital

 ​Infection Prevention

 Don't Hug A Bug

Improving patient outcomes with drug concentration monitoring

Eradicating peripheral intravenous cannulation (PIVC) infections at Belmont Hospital

​Local Solutions

Armidale Tele-Fracture Clinic

A virtual clinic: Cutting distance, empowering patients

BFHI Muswellbrook - Global Ambition, HNE Rural Action

Containing costs of cardiac care

Gateway to Child and Family Health Nursing Service

Hunter Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT): Central Booking Service

Medication safety in the Maitland Hospital Emergency Department:  'Check the 8 & Take a Mate'

Nursing and Midwifery Appointment Allocation System

Optimising the Clinical Utility of new CT Facilities

Patient Process Upgrade: Re-fracture Prevention Service

Reducing falls by strengthening Falls Risk Management in the Adult Inpatient population across the Hunter New England Local Health District

Risk Assessment of New Pharmaceutical Products to Improve Patient Safety

Scone Policy Club

Smart Pumps for Smart Care

The Maitland Hospital PICC Service Review

​Junior Medical Officer Award for Patient Safety and Quality Improvement

The Maitland Hospital PICC service review

Urgent Clinical Reviews: How well are we responding to patient deterioration?