External Opportunities


Research Advantage Program  

The University Of Newcastle's Research Advantage program aims to connect and empower by providing a range of events and support resources.


HMRI Seminar Series

HMRI hosts and facilities a wide range of research seminars, workshops, training sessions, trade displays and events to support the work of Hunter researchers. The preeminent event is the HMRI Seminar Series - featuring national and international research and industry leaders at HMRI.


Research Essentials - Developing Excellence in Research Design and Practice

Research Essentials is a unique research training resource that has been designed to deliver a world class program to meet the specific needs of all those involved in research while also enabling learners to pick and choose from a diverse range of subjects so that they can design a training program that best meets their needs. The program is comprised of 6 internationally accepted core Competency Units and a selection of Electives. In total there are 68 unique modules to choose from.

Research Essentials is designed to improve research efficiency, increase research outputs, drive innovative research and minimise research risk. All those involved in research understand that researchers and members of the research management, review and governance workforce need life-long continuing education to maintain and extend their skills and to ensure that they are able to respond to rapid innovation in their field. This model is designed to meet the diverse needs of all members of the research workforce. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I complete the study in my own time at my own pace?
Yes! The Research Essentials course has been designed to accommodate the competing commitments of a complex workforce. You can choose the course of study that suits you and you can pace your learning to reflect your personal needs. The course is designed to add value to your career, not to distract you from your other responsibilities!

Is the course only available online?
Research Essentials has been designed for an online environment, however, face to face workshops can be provided to deepen the learning experience and promote peer interaction and discussion.

For more information: visit the PRAXIS Australia website,  call 08 8122 4576 (during normal office hours) or email info@praxisaustralia.com.au


Monash Partners Healthcare Improvement and Implementation Science Online Course

Monash Partners Academic Health Science Centre announced the launch of their Monash Partners Healthcare Improvement and Implementation Science massive open online course (MOOC).

This course is freely available to all staff across the Australian Health Research Alliance (AHRA), of which HNELHD staff are eligible.

This short course has been co-designed by the Monash-Warwick Alliance, a partnership between Monash University and Warwick University, and Monash Partners especially for health professionals working in the area of healthcare management and administration (this includes medical or general hospital administrators, clinicians, quality assurance managers, team leaders, senior nursing administrators, unit managers and a range of general task coordinators within the health care system). 

During the course participants will increase their understanding of complex healthcare systems, the capabilities and skills needed to mobilise new knowledge and identify processes for building ‘agency’ across the levels of the individual, the organisation and the wider system.

The course begins on 11 November 2019 and can be accessed on the Future Learn website.


TIDIRH Australia

The National Centre of Implementation Science, at the University of Newcastle, in partnership with The Australian Prevention Partnership Centre, is hosting TIDIRH Australia, a training course in implementation science.  Developed in collaboration with the successful U.S based TIDIRH, this training will equip participants with the knowledge and skills required to undertake high quality dissemination and implementation (D&I) research relevant to their field. Participants will also learn to identify gaps that need further exploration thus potentially informing practice and influencing policy.

TIDIRH Australia is comprised of an online course (five self-paced webinar sessions with related brief assignments i.e. ½-1 page) between mid-January and May, and a 2-day in-person training to be held on May 19th and 20th 2020, in Newcastle, culminating with an optional Symposium May 21st, 2020 (additional fee applies).

TIDIRH Australia have some of the leading implementation scientists internationally as the mentors, including Byron Powell (Washington Uni), Angie Cradock (Harvard), Rachel Shelton (Columbia Uni), Elaine Toomey (National Uni Galway) and Taren Swindle (Memphis) who will be paired with Australian mentors Jed Duff, Jamie Bryant, Natalie Taylor, Rach Sutherland, Luke Wolfenden, Serene Yoong and Nicole Nathan. All the faculty are TIDIRH Alumni.

How to apply:
Participants are to submit the below by 12:00pm Sunday November 24th 2019 to hnelhd-tidirh@health.nsw.gov.au,

1. Brief (300-word maximum) statement describing your experience in (or plans for) productive, effective transdisciplinary work and how this fits with your goals for conducting D&I research in the future.
2. Current 2-page curriculum vitae (CV)
3. 1.5- to 2-page concept paper describing the D&I research project you plan to conduct and will develop during this training.

If successful, the course cost is $880. Applicants are responsible for the arranging and paying for their travel expenses.

For more information, including eligibility and FAQ’s visit https://tidirhaustralia.com.au/


To add your relevant education opportunity here please send details to HNELHD-RSDO@health.nsw.gov.au