Round 3 : 2019 Clinical and Health Service Research Fellowships

(For funding 1st July 2019-30th June 2022)

Formally known as Clinical Research Fellowships


Building a Platform for Translational Research in Partnership with the University of Newcastle

In recognising that evidenced-based healthcare and improved patient outcomes are intrinsically linked to translating clinical research into healthcare policy and practice, HNE Health in collaboration with its partner, the University Of Newcastle (UON), are providing an opportunity to support health professionals to undertake clinical and health service research.

Round 3 of the Clinical & Health Service Research Fellowship Scheme will commence in July 2019 and responds to the HNE Local Health District’s Strategic plan to; position for the future by facilitating multidisciplinary innovation, education and research. 

Round 3 of the Clinical & Health Service Research Fellowship Scheme is now closed and the successful applicant will be announced soon. Information on future rounds of the scheme will be announced towards the end of 2019.