CHR Graduate Certificate Program


The ACI's Centre for Healthcare Redesign (CHR) provides a state-wide graduate certificate program in redesign to support health professionals in achieving the Triple Aim  of simultaneously improving the health of the population, enhancing the experience and outcomes of the patient, and reducing per capita cost of care for the benefit of communities.

Using proven Redesign methodology this course teaches staff how to identify the root causes of issues impacting patient journeys and then develop and implement sustainable change processes to improve the way health care is delivered.

Participants of the CHR Graduate Certificate program have the opportunity to gain an accredited qualification in affiliation with the University of Tasmania. For more information about the Grad Cert Program see Graduate Certificate Program Factsheet.

All participants within the Grad Cert will need to dedicate two days a week over 12 months to complete the requirements outlined in the program’s curriculum. You may want to consider applying for a HNE Health Innovation Scholarship to support participation in the Grad Cert program.

How Do HNE Staff Apply to the CHR Graduate Certificate Program?

  • Discuss your project idea with your manager

  • Contact the Research Innovation & Partnership Unit to discuss your idea, application process & requirements. We will assist with planning, guide and support with application if appropriate.

  • All applications for the CHR Graduate Certificate program require approval through local line managers with the identification of a project sponsor and Executive Director prior to completing online application.

  • If part project is part of a Clinical Network or Stream, then sign off by relevant Network or Steam leader is also required.

NB: Applications will not be accepted if submitted directly online to the Centre for HealthCare Redesign without following the above steps.

ACI's Centre for HealthCare Redesign

The ACI's Centre for HealthCare Redesign will review all applications using specific criteria to determine acceptance to the program. The criteria include:

  • Submission received by application closing date

  • Clear purpose and suitability to the Redesign Framework

  • Dedicated time allocated for a team of applicants to manage their project (at least 2 days per week)

  • Prioritisation of the project by the Health Service

For information see Grad Cert Information Pack

Who to Contact for Assistance within HNE?

Applicants are encouraged to make contact with Judith Swan (McCosker) to discuss their interest and prospective project prior to completing the application form.

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Judith Swan