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Awards & Recognition for our Local Innovators

Here is a directory of local innovators who have won various local, state and federal Awards for outstanding achievement. Check-out our past winners by, filtering on Year, type of Award and/or complete a Key Word Search.

2018A new model of care for preparing patients for home peritoneal dialysis. Innovation Scholarship
Gemma Fogarty (A/Clinical Nurse Consultant - Nephrology Department - MI&S HNELHD
2018A pilot feasibility randomized controlled trial of targeting patients’ own pre-illness basal blood pressure during management of shock in ICU.Innovation Scholarship
Dr Ken Havill, ICU Director and Senior Staff Specialist, JHH.
2018Improving the Family/ Carer's Experience of Care of Children with Intestinal Failure through Increased Effectiveness of Healthcare Processes and CommunicationHNEKidshealth Innovation Scholarship
Dr Aniruddh Deshpande (Paediatric Surgeon)
2018Improving timely access to young people's transgender health services: a novel web-based approachInnovtaion Scholarship
Liz Nunn (HCSGD committee and CNC Paediatrics JHCH), Luke Wolfenden (A/Prof Behavioural Science, University of Newcastle)
2018Increasing the ease and quality of acute referrals to specialist psychiatric care and initial assessment using an internet-based applicationInnovation Scholarship
Dr Irosh Fernando, Staff Specialist Psychiatrist Conjoint Lecturer, School of Medicine and Public Health, Faculty of Health and Medicine, University of Newcastle Associate Professor.
2018TAPP (Telehealth Active Pain Program) into TIPS (Tamworth Integrated Pain Service): Innovative pain management group program in Rural/Regional NSWInnovation Scholarship
Dr Hema Rajappa (Team Leader), Vickie Croker  (Operations Manager and Clinical Nurse Consultant), Kathleen Baker (Clinical Nurse Specialist,  Paul Riley (Clinical psychologist).
2018Telehealth and store-and-forward technology to improve access to the John Hunter Hospital Ear Nose and Throat Service (ENT)Innovation Scholarship
Dr Niall Jefferson (ENT Head of Department),  Bridie Ingham (JHH Outpatient Service Clinical Coordinator), Greg Bourke (Transitional Nurse Practitioner ENT), Ashley Young ( Senior Clinical Business Analyst, Clinical Telehealth), Jenny Rutherford (Clinical Business Analyst, Clinical Telehealth), Dr Maree Puxty (GP and HNECCPHN Clinical Council lead)
2018Toward Excellence in Eczema: Improving the outcomes of care for children and adolescents (0-16 years) with severe eczema  via a multidisciplinary severe eczema clinic.Innovation Scholarship
Jan Belcher (Clinical Nurse Consultant, Paediatric Allergy / Immunology, Department, John Hunter Children's Hospital)
2017 A rubric for delirium: pulling it all together to solve the puzzleInnovation Scholarship
Sally Wright, Clinical Nurse Specialist; Dr Tracey Brown Geriatrician; Dr John Olsen, Director of Medicine; Vicki Brummel, Manager ACARS Clinical Network; Alison Beeton, NUM; Catherine McDonald, Nurse Educator; Wendy Murdoch CNS2 ASET/Aged Service Emergency Team; Elizabeth Filmer DON; Gary Martin, Quality Manager.
2017​​Support Team of the YearAchievement Awards
Activity Based Funding, Finance
2017​Enhancing the Patients' Experience through the ArtsHigh Vale Health Care Awards
Music group activity on a mental health inpatient unit, Lake Macquarie Mental Health Unit
2017​Local SolutionsHigh Value Health Care Awards
By Your Side, Ward G1, John Hunter Hospital
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