Showcasing Change Leaders

Here is a directory of HNE Health staff who graduated from a change leadership program (such as the CEC Clinical Leadership program or ACI Centre for HealthCare Redesign). Check-out our list of Alumni by, filtering on Year, Alumnus of and/or complete a Key Word Search.

2008CEC Foundation Clinical Leadership Program
Ann Relf
Annette Keegan
Caroline Short
Catherine Levey
Christine Broadhead
Fiona Lysaught
Gail Stevens
Jane Bourke
Jennifer Muir
Karen Chronister
Melissa Robinson-Reilly
Peter Myers
Timothy Lyons
2007CEC Foundation Clinical Leadership Program
Anna Mannion
David Smith
Deborah Spokes
Christopher Aartsen
Felicity Wardle
Jennifer Haxton
Leanne Grace
Lisa-Dawn Mcgavern
Monica Piket
Natalie McCall
Sandra Ryan

​Congratulations to all our graduates