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 2018 Innovation Scholarship Winners

Project: ​Improving timely access to young people's transgender health services: a novel web-based approach.

Team: Katie Wynne, Liz Nunn (HCSGD committee and CNC Paediatrics JHCH), Luke Wolfenden (A/Prof Behavioural Science, University of Newcastle), Ben Britton (Senior Clinical & Health Psychologist, Consultation Liaison Psychiatry), Patricia Crock (A/Prof Paediatric Endocrinologist JHCH), Wez Saunders (HCSGD committee and ACON Hunter), Yolande Goodyear (HCSGD committee and Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist CAMHS Hunter Valley), Lucas Coleman (Manager Communication, Fundraising and Volunteering , Children, Young People and Families Health Services), Sandra Fitzgerald (HNE HealthPathways), Kaete Walker (HCSGD President and HNE Mental Health Services), Judy Luu (HCSGD committee and Endocrinologist), Suzanne Marchant (HCSGD and parent support group), Jay Majella (HCSGD committee and Social Services), Jo Mills (HSCGD Committee and Service Effectiveness Specialist: Youth, Homelessness & MCIS), Steve Kelly (HSCGD Committee and Principle GP), Prudence Lopez (HMRI and Paediatric Endocrinologist), Mathew Watson (Physician JHH Obstetrics and Gynaecology), Maansi Arora (Medical Student University of New England) and Tinashe Dune (Senior Lecturer in Interprofessional Health Sciences, Western Sydney University).  

Aim: Although an evidence-based care pathway exists, local community and GPs report a lack of knowledge, recommendations and awareness of services, preventing access to local transgender healthcare. This project aims to assess the impact of a web-based behaviour change program on reducing time taken from presentation to specialist care.

Project: Toward Excellence in Eczema: Improving the outcomes of care for children and adolescents (0-16 years) with severe eczema  via a multidisciplinary severe eczema clinic (MD SE Clinic).

Team:  Jan Belcher (Clinical Nurse Consultant, Paediatric Allergy / Immunology, Department, John Hunter Children's Hospital), Emily Easman (Clinical Nurse Consultant, Paediatric Immunology, JHCH),Dr Rani Bhatia (Dietitian, Paediatric Allergy Immunology, JHCH), Dr John Relic (Dermatologist, JHH), Michelle Perrin (Child Life Therapist, JHCH), Dr Gena Lieschke & Michelle Giles (Nursing and Midwifery Research Centre  NMRC), Kamana Bantawa (Nursing and Midwifery Research Centre  NMRC).

Aim: Pilot a new model of care (MoC) for managing children and adolescents (0-16 years) with severe eczema. The MoC will consist of an integrated, coordinated multidisciplinary, multimodal approach to care delivery. This integrated and comprehensive approach will increase compliance to and effectiveness of treatment(s), resulting in improved patient and family outcomes.                           

Project: A pilot feasibility randomized controlled trial of targeting patients’ own pre-illness basal blood pressure during management of shock in ICU.

Team: Dr Rakshit Panwar, Dr Ken Havill (ICU Director and Senior Staff Specialist, JHH), Prof John Attia (Professor, Medicine and Clinical Epidemiology, HMRI), Prof Andrew Boyle (Professor of Cardiology, JHH).

Aim: This pilot RCT aims to determine whether patients' pre-illness basal mean perfusion pressure (MPP) can be targeted during management of shock in ICU. We hypothesize that targeting a patient's own pre-illness basal MPP will reduce the variable degree of BP-deficit that is inadvertently accepted in conventional care.

Project: Increasing the ease and quality of acute referrals to specialist psychiatric care and initial assessment using an internet-based application.

Team: Dr Irosh Fernando (Staff Specialist Psychiatrist Conjoint Lecturer, School of Medicine and Public Health, Faculty of Health and Medicine, University of Newcastle Associate Professor), Lisa Lampe (Discipline of Psychiatry, School of Medicine and Public Health, University of Newcastle), Dr Cyriac Matthew (Clinical director and staff specialist psychiatrist, Newcastle Mental Health Service, Hunter New England Local Area Health District), Fionna Murphy (Clinical Coordinator, Newcastle Mental Health Service, Hunter New England Local Area Health District).   

Aim: Our aim is to develop a mobile/web-based system for psychiatric triaging and initial assessment. The clinical information gathered from the patient, carers, and GPs separately via a guided online process, is integrated into a triaging document which is used by the clinician to complete the initial assessment efficiently and effectively.

Project: TAPP (Telehealth Active Pain Program) into TIPS (Tamworth Integrated Pain Service): Innovative pain management group program in Rural/Regional NSW.

Team: Dr Hema Rajappa (Team Leader), Vickie Croker  (Operations Manager and Clinical Nurse Consultant), Kathleen Baker (Clinical Nurse Specialist,  Paul Riley (Clinical psychologist).

Aim: To develop and implement an innovative multidisciplinary pain management group program 'TAPP into TIPS' for patients with chronic non-cancer pain living in Regional and Rural NSW,  using telehealth as a mode of delivery.

Project: A new model of care for preparing patients for home peritoneal dialysis.

Team: Gemma Fogarty (A/Clinical Nurse Consultant - Nephrology Department - MI&S HNELHD, Ginger Chu (CNC Nephrology MI&S HNELHD & Clinical Research Fellow), Peter Sinclair (Lecturer School of Nursing & Midwifery Faculty of Health & Medicine The University of Newcastle; Honorary Research and Innovation Conjoint  Hunter New England Local Health District), Sarah Crawford (Team Leader HTU Nephrology MI&S), Sarah Woolgar-Robe,(A/Team Leader HTU Nephrology MI&S), Carla Silva (Renal Outreach Social Worker Wansey Community Dialysis Centre), Nina Hodge (Occupational Therapist HTU Nephrology MI&S), Kelly Adams Nurse Manager Home & Satellite Dialysis Services HNELHD Renal Stream Coordinator Nephrology MI&S JHH).

Aim: Improve the patient learning experience by ensuring they are given educational material prior to attending face-to face training for peritoneal dialysis (PD). Reduce patient anxiety by creating part of the learning experience in the patient's home environment. Reduce training time required in the health care facility.

Project: Telehealth and store-and-forward technology to improve access to the John Hunter Hospital Ear Nose and Throat Service (ENT).

Team: Dr Niall Jefferson (ENT Head of Department),  Bridie Ingham (JHH Outpatient Service Clinical Coordinator), Greg Bourke (Transitional Nurse Practitioner ENT), Ashley Young ( Senior Clinical Business Analyst, Clinical Telehealth), Jenny Rutherford (Clinical Business Analyst, Clinical Telehealth), Dr Maree Puxty (GP and HNECCPHN Clinical Council lead).

Aim: The aim of this project is to increase access to the John Hunter Hospital ENT Outpatient Service for rural and remote paediatric patients utilising store-and-forward and telehealth technologies. Additionally, the project aims to ensure sustainability by upskilling local health practitioners in assessing and managing patients with ENT-related issues.

HNEKidshealth Innovation Scholarship Winner 2018

Project: Improving the Family/ Carer's Experience of Care of Children with Intestinal Failure through Increased Effectiveness of Healthcare Processes and Communication.

Team: Dr Aniruddh Deshpande (Paediatric Surgeon), Dr Scott Nightingale (Paediatric Gastroenterologist/Clinical Researcher), Dr Elizabeth Kepreotes (Clinical Nurse Consultant/Clinical Researcher).

Aim: To improve the experience of care for families and carers of children needing long term parenteral nutrition and multiple interventions for intestinal failures through

  1. assessing current lacunae in healthcare processes and communication

  2. understanding the clinical team and carer perspectives

  3. creating a model of more effective care and communication in partnership with the parents of  these children.

Congratulations to all the scholarship winners for 2018