JPG edit Innovation Scholarship3.jpg2017 Innovation Scholarship Winners

Theresa Nimal.JPG

Project: ​Implementing an intervention for the prevention of falls in older adults by identifying and managing frailty.

Team: Dr Theresa Nimal Chitrangani Athuraliya, Staff Specialist Clinical academic, General Medicine; Dr Andrew Scane, Staff Specialist Geriatric Medicine; Cassandra Koppen, Clinical Pharmacologist; Sue Skaife, Nurse Unit Manager Rehabilitation and Falls prevention; Melanie Barrette, Dietician; Wendy Ferdinand, Physiotherapist.

Aim: To implement a tailored multidisciplinary intervention programme for prevention of falls among frail older adults at hospitalization. This includes introduction of identification of the frailty syndrome to the health teams in the Maitland hospital.

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Project: A rubric for delirium: pulling it all together to solve the puzzle.

Team: Sally Wright, Team Leader; Dr John Olsen, Director of Medicine; Dr Georgette Goode Advanced Trainee; Vicki Brummel, Network Manager ACARS Clinical Network; Mary Hodson NUM STRAS; Catherine McDonald, Nurse Educator; Wendy Murdoch CNS2 ASET/Aged Service Emergency Team; Elizabeth Filmer DON; Gary Martin, Quality Manager;Collette Sanctuary OT. 

Aim: To improve patient outcomes utilizing initiatives across the health sector and pooling the multiple tools and resources available both locally, state-wide and nationally to effectively identify, assess and treat delirium at Belmont Hospital.

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Project: Pop-up rural in-home paediatric palliative care volunteer program.

Team: Dr Sharon Ryan, Paediatric Palliative Care Staff Specialist, Paediatric Palliative Care Service (“PPCS”); Madelon Scully, PPCS Occupational Therapist, Shaun Wood, PPCS Social Worker; Amy Wethered, PPCS CNC; Jennifer Butters and the Nicholas Trust.

Aim: To pilot a telehealth supported in-home volunteer program for PPCS patients and families in regional, rural and remote areas in the PPCS’s catchment area.

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​Project: FAST Tracking Malnutrition.

Team: Justin Singleton,Deputy Service Manager/Clinical Specialist - Nutrition and Dietetics; Ellen Lee, Senior Clinical Dietitian; Susan Heaney, Research and Development Dietitian.

Aim: To develop and trial a system to address unnecessary fasting on H3 ward at JHH. If this system is shown to be effective it has potential to be replicated across all wards in JHH and other HNE facilities.

Damian Gimpel.JPG

Project: Geographical isolation in Cardiothoracic Surgery: A model to improve follow up and access to post-operative care in the Hunter New England Region.

Team: Dr Damian Gimpel, Resident Medical Officer; Jody Walters, Clinical Nurse Specialist-Cardiothoracic Surgery; Dr Ajay Iyengar – Cardiothoracic Surgery Trainee; Dr Ross Mejia, Director of Cardiothoracic Surgery.

Aim: To provide follow up rates and post-operative echocardiographic data with rates in line with National standards for short and long term follow up data in Cardiothoracic Surgery. This process would also provide a further linkage of Metro to urban and rural areas and identify those potential factors that highlight patients more susceptible to a loss of follow up and subsequently worsening Cardiac health. 

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Project: Optimizing Women’s Pregnancy Care and Outcomes in the 21st Century.

Team: Alison Summerville, CMS M3T; Dr Felicity Park, Director Maternal Fetal Medicine Unit John Hunter Hospital; Dr Cecelia O'Brien, Fellow.

Aim: To reduce the rate of preeclampsia and improve outcomes for pregnant women, their babies and their families by partnering with GPs to offer an early pregnancy multidisciplinary risk assessment service and the provision of a comprehensive plan according to the level of risk.

Margaret Allwood.JPG

HNEKidshealth Innovation Scholarship Winner 2017

Project: Simulation on a Shoestring – working in collaboration to improve patient outcomes.

Team: Margaret Allwood, Acting Nurse Educator JHCH; Amy Wethered, Nurse Educator JHCH; Elizabeth Newham, Nurse Educator JHCH.

Aim: To provide ward based simulation in collaboration with ICU to improve the early detection and management of the paediatric patient including the ability to escalate according to local Clinical Emergency Response System (CERS) response. In addition, improving the professional relationship between the teams responding to deteriorating paediatric patients.

Congratulations to all the scholarship winners for 2017