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2017 Excellence Awards Judging Panels


Thank you to the 2017 internal and external review and judging panels for giving up your time,  knowledge and experience. There were some pretty close calls and knowing the calibre of many of our finalists, there were some difficult decisions to make. It is one thing for leaders within our own organisation to step up for tasks like this. It's quite another to have leaders in other organisations and spheres give their time.

​High Value Health Care Awards Internal Review Panel

  • Clare Daley, Project Officer, Allied Health

  • Dr Tracey Tay, Clinical Lead, Research Innovation & Partnership Unit

  • Phil Way, District Clinical Network Manager

  • Michelle Giles, CNC Research & Knowledge Management, Nursing & Midwifery Research Unit

  • Sally Milson-Hawke, Director of Nursing and Midwifery, JHH

  • Catharine Death, General Manager, Tamworth Hospital

  • Marg Macpherson, Senior Program Officer, Rural and Regional Services

  • Karen Hayes, Senior Consultant, Organisational Development & Learning 

  • Sharyn Tyter, Senior Program Manager, Aboriginal Chronic Care

  • Ashley Young, Senior Clinical Business Analyst, Clinical Telehealth

  • Karen Chronister, Quality Systems Manager, Clinical Governance

  • Lisa McGavern, Service Manager, Hunter Equipment Service

What a great honour to be judging the merit of the best ideas and projects in the district.

It has been an absolute privilege to be a judge on the internal panel! I was in awe of the incredible work that is happening across our LHD, and felt pleased and proud that our clinicians are continually working to improve the quality of care we offer at HNE.

Membership of the internal panel provides an inspirational window to the scope and diversity of the excellent work being undertaken across our district.

High Value Health Care Awards External Review Panel

  • Jane Gray, Executive Director, Partnerships, Innovation and Research

  • Dr Helen Belcher, Hunter New England Local Health District Board Member

  • Amanda Martin,  Manager, Hunter New England Central Coast Primary Health Network

  • Liz Geddes, Consumer Representative

  • Sharon Taylor, Aboriginal Health Educator, HETI

  • James Dunne, Program Manager, Clinical Program Design &  Implementation Portfolio, ACI

  • Melissa O’Brien, Executive Director Clinical Governance

  • Dr Martin Cohen, Hunter New England Local Health District Board Member

I was impressed by the extremely high quality of the submissions.  It's wonderful to see so many people who are so passionate about improving the care of our patients.

I have been honoured and humbled by the talent, the passion and the delivering of outcomes for our community, well done to HNE Staff!

The process has enhanced my appreciation of the commitment of our staff to their patients and the District. Congratulations.

One of my family values is that connections with people must be protected as sacred. This can be said as being on the External Judging Panel, as the connections started and turned into connectedness. This was shown with the passion and desire of the panel members to honour all the health professionals who participated in the Awards process. A very humbling experience, one I will treasure.

Achievement Awards Judging Panel

  • David Quirk, Sector Manager, Mehi Sector

  • Abby Crawford, Consumer Representative, Chair of Maitland Hospital Local Health Committee        

  • Kelly Lennon, Nurse Manager, Clinical Practice, Nursing and Midwifery Services

  • Matthew Frith, Network Manager, Children Young People & Families Service

  • Cath Wood, Director of Allied Health, HNE Mental Health

  • Jonathan Holt, GNS Director, Allied Health & Community Services Manager

  • The Executive Leadership Team