​2016 Foundational Clinical Leadership Program Graduates


Amanda Walla.jpg 

Karen Kelly, Amanada Walla, Cathy Vinters


Project: AcES Access, Efficiencies and Satisfaction: System Re-Design for Booking Initial Speech Pathology Assessments

Project Leader: Amanda Walla,  Speech Pathologist

Aim:  By November 2016 100% of eligible children referred to Speech Pathology (LMNC-CYPF) will have an assessment appointment allocated to them at time of intake.


Project: Knowing your Aboriginal Community

Project Leader: Angela Hogan, NUM Manning ED

Aim: Within 9 months meet key performance indicators aligned to NSW Health Closing the Gap strategy to support and improve Aboriginal Did Not Wait/ Left at own risk at Manning River Referral Hospital Emergency Department to reflect state %.

Anthony S.jpg 

Karen Kelly, Anthony Sokolowski, Cathy Vinters

Project: Proactive Escalation planning to Resolve Demand

Project Leader: Anthony Sokolowski, Emergency Nurse Practitioner

Aim: To improve Emergency Treatment Performance (ETP) by 5% (10% stretch) within 5 months

 Carolyn W.jpg

Karen Kelly, Carolyn Walker, Cathy Vinters

Project:  Infusion Lounge Calvary Mater Newcastle

Team Leader: Carolyn Walker,

Aim: By December 2016 90% of Patients who require a Blood Transfusion, Iron Infusion or Infliximab, and meet the inclusion criteria will have treatment in an outpatient clinic rather than requiring admission to an inpatient bed.

Cathy Richards.jpg

Karen Kelly, Cathy Richards, Cathy Vinters


Project: Afghan Refugee Women and Antenatal Care

Team Leader: Cathy Richards, A/Midwifery Manager

Aim: By December 2016, the proportion of Afghan refugee women receiving antenatal care at JHH in accordance with JHH guidelines will increase by 50%.

Cecilia B.jpgKaren Kelly, Celikia

Bjorksten, Cathy Vinters

Project: Improving Accountable Drug auditing compliance rates in Mental Health

Project Leader: Cecilia Bjorksten, Director of Pharmacy, HNE Mental Health Service

Aim:   1) Within 6 months, increase reporting rates of  Accountable Drug audits to the Mental Health  Quality Use of Medicines Committee, to 100%,  (for all MH units at the Mater campus).

           2) The actioning of 100% of identified risks to improve the culture of safety and improve patient care

Colin G.jpg

Karen Kelly, Colin Gibson, Cathy Vinters

Project: HNELHD Aboriginal Ear Health Program: Closing the Gap in Hearing Health for Aboriginal Children by Addressing Lifestyle Risk Factors

Project Leader: Colin Gibson, Aboriginal Otitis Media Coordinator

Aim: Guided by the recommendations contained in the NSW Aboriginal Ear Health Program Guidelines, during the next 12 months the Aboriginal Otitis Media Coordinator will develop, identify and implement prevention strategies that increase the knowledge of ear disease in Aboriginal communities and address lifestyle risk factors in parents and carers which increase ear disease in Aboriginal children including smoking, low rates of breastfeeding, poor nutrition and environmental health.

Deborah A.jpg

Cathy Vinters, Karen Kelly, Deborah Armitage


Project: By Your Side

Project Leader: Deborah Armitage, CNC Older Person Acute Care

Aim: By Dec 2016 on ward G1 there will be :

  • 30% reduction in noise at central desk and consequently in the rooms of patients in beds 16 & 17

  • 50% increase in the number of members of the interdisciplinary team writing progress notes at the patient bedside

  • 50% reduction in time spent by nurses away from the patient bedside looking for patient files and charts

  • 100% reduction in patient files left  open at main desk

Gemma Model.jpgKaren Kelly, Gemma Model, Cathy Vinters


Project: Best Practice Progression to Total Knee Replacement

Project Leader: Gemma Model,  Head Physiotherapist Armidale Hospital

Aim: By November 2016, 90% of patients proceeding to elective total knee replacement will have undertaken best practice conservative management

Project: Narrabri Fluid Balance Chart Project

Project Leader: Joanna Friend, A/NUM Narrabri Hospital

Aim: Within 6 months, 100% of all adult inpatients requiring fluid balance charts at Narrabri District Hospital, will have standardised, accurate and complete documentation

Jodie Slack.jpg 

Karen Kelly, Jodie Slack-Smith, Cathy Vinters

Project: Reducing Medication errors in Moree Dialysis Unit

Project Leader: Jodie Slack-Smith, Clinical NUM Moree Dialysis Unit

Aim: Within 6 months, reduce the number of medication errors in Moree Dialysis Unit by 50%.

Karen Jovanovic.jpg

Karen Kelly, Karen Jovanovic, Cathy Vinters


Project: Radiation Therapy Performance Development and Review Process Improvement

Project Leader: Dr Karen Jovanovic, Chief Radiation Therapist, Department of Radiation Oncology, Calvary Mater Newcastle

Aim: Within 3 months the Chief Radiation Therapist will have rounded with 50% of Radiation Therapists and those staff will have 90-day action plans in place. The stretch goal is to achieve 75% of Radiation Therapists

Kimberley Apps.jpg

Karen Kelly, Kimberley Apps, Cathy Vinters

Project: Family/Carer Engagement in the Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit; Improving Initial Assessment and Clinical Documentation.

Project Leader: Kimberley Apps, Senior social worker

Aim: By Nov 2016, 70% of patients in PICU will have their family/carer contacted within 24 hours of admission, and an initial assessment undertaken and documented

Nick Yates.jpg

Karen Kelly, Nick Yates, Cathy Vinters

Project: TSANZ Oxygen Guidelines Pilot Project

Project Leader: Nick Yates, CNC - Respiratory Failure & Home Ventilation

Aim: 80% of patients, admitted to ward F2 at John Hunter Hospital under Respiratory Medicine, with a diagnosed condition associated with hypercapnic respiratory failure, will be administered oxygen as per 2015 TSANZ guidelines

Nicole Coleman.jpg

Karen Kelly, Nicole Coleman, Cathy Vinters

Project: Predict Accurate

Project Leader: Nicole Coleman, CNC   Donation Specialist Nurse

Aim:  Within 8 months, the accurate prediction of survival time following Withdrawal Cardio Respiratory Support (WCRS) will be greater than 80%, in the adult patient who meet eligibility for Donation Circulatory Death (DCD) donation

Project: Bedside Handover Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit

Project Leader: Rebecca North, CNE Mental health Services

Aim: Within four months, 60% of handovers will occur at the bedside in the Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit at the Mater Mental Health Centre


Project: Implementation of the VTE prevention program at Manning Hospital

Project Leader: Sue Arber,

Aim: 100% of adult inpatients have had a VTE risk assessment completed within 24 hours of admission at Manning Hospital

Susan Brown.jpg

Karen Kelly, Susan Brown, Cathy Vinters

Project: Gaay Guwaa-la Nganuda "Talk to Me"

Project Leader: Susan Brown, Aboriginal Maternal and Infant Health Strategy Midwife & CNE Community Health

Aim: Within 12 months 80% of all aboriginal children aged 0-4 years that have engaged with the Narrabri AMIHS or New Directions teams that have been identified with delayed communication will be referred to a speech therapist

Tracey Boonstra.jpg

Karen Kelly, Tracey Boonstra, Cathy Vinters

Project: A Change of Plans for Management of Pre Dialysis Patients - Working together for Better Patient Care

Project Leader: Tracey Boonstra, Home & Satellite Dialysis Services – Peel, Mehi & Tablelands

Aim: Within four months 100% of all known Stage 4 and 5 chronic kidney disease patients in the Peel, Mehi and Tablelands Sectors will have a collaborative patient management plan