Innovation Scholarship Winners 2016


Dr Tracy and Bronwyn.jpg  

Dr Tracy Dudding-Byth & Bronwyn  Burgess


Project: The FaceDx Project. Matching the faces of individuals with undiagnosed syndromic intellectual disability

Team Leader: Dr Tracy Dudding-Byth, Senior Staff Specialist- Clinical Geneticist

Aim: The long term aim of the FaceDx project is to develop a global web-based portal providing scalable high probability facial matching between individuals with syndromic intellectual disability.  This innovation scholarship would support stage 1 of the FaceDx Project.

Dr Eduardo and Dr Ken.jpg             

Dr Eduardo Martinez Dr Ken Havill

Project: ISLEEP “Implementation of ICU Sleep Management Plan to Promote Better Quality Sleep, Decrease Delirium, Accelerate Healing, and Earlier Discharge in the Adult Critically Ill” 

Team Leader: Dr Eduardo Martinez, ICU Postgraduate Fellow

Aim: To provide excellence in clinical care of patients within JHH ICU by providing an environment that maximizes the prevention of delirium, hence contributing to the overall improved short-term and long- term outcome of critically ill patients.

Jane and Jay Jones.jpg          

Jane Gray & Jay Jones


Project: Police Early Access to Mental Health Assessment via Tele-health (PEAMHATH)

Team Leader: Jay Jones, Project Coordinator

Aim: To avoid escalation and minimise harm to the individual, their family, carers and the wider community through the provision of real time Telehealth assessment via video link to all Police commands within the HNE LHD.

Dr Katie Wynne, Sarah Pullen, Assoc Prof Surinder Baines.jpg             

Dr Katie Wynne, Sarah Pullen & A/Prof Surinder Baines

Project: Sweet Dreams: Targeting obesity to improve Obstructive Sleep Apnoea and Health Outcomes in Type 2 Diabetes

Team Leaders: Dr Katie Wynne, Staff Specialist Endocrinology and Sarah Pullen, Diabetes Educator/CNS

Aim: To improve the assessment and clinical management skills of health staff, establishing communication channels for appropriate and timely referral and intervention into obesity management, and preventing chronic disease complications through risk minimisation.

Nicole Bennett and Kathryn Bourke.jpg     

Kathryn Bourke & Nicole Bennett

Project: Improving access and efficiency in the JHH Gynaecology Outpatient Service – a service redesign project

Team Leaders: Kathryn Bourke, CNC Gynaecology & Women’s Health and Dr Angela Dunford, Gynaecology Fellow

Aim: To review the woman’s journey- from the time she presents to her GP with gynaecological symptoms to resolution of her condition.  Providing robust, evidence-based guidance will assist GP’s in referring women to our service and may even lead to avoiding a referral as the GP can use the guidance to manage the women themselves.  The potential to offer telehealth and phone support to GPs may also result in a decrease in the need to refer some women.

Telehealth - Liz, Ashley, Jacqueline, Jenny.jpg         

Elizabeth  Filmer, Ashley Young, Jacqueline Hewitt & Jenny Carter

Project: Telehealth, Putting a face to aged care

Team Leader: Jacqueline Hewitt, Aged Care Emergency CNC

Aim: To reduced ED presentations, earlier discharge, reduced risks associate with hospitalisation, smoother transition to Aged  care placement, increased ability to include patient and carers in decision making, reduced representations to ED, reduced readmission rates.

Dr Chris and Sandy Ryan.jpg            

Sandy Ryan & Dr Christopher Geraghty

Project: Video Consultations by Telehealth in Hospital in the Home

Team Leader: Dr Christopher Geraghty, Medical Director, Community Acute Post-Acute Care (CAPAC)

Aim: Widespread adoption of video consultation in the service as an alternative to, or in addition to, current telephone-only based communication between patients and medical staff.  This could easily be extended to include nursing and allied health.


Lisa McGavern, Pat Marks & Amanda Orr

​Kaleidoscope Innovation Scholarship Winner 2016

Project: One Less Worry: The Equipment Commitment to Families

Team: Lisa McGavern, Amanda Orr & Brooke Drelincourt

Aim: To facilitate a timely, individualised and compassionate response to equipment needs for every palliative child, with choice for the child and family regarding equipment items.

Congratulations to all the scholarship winners for 2016