Innovation Support Scholarship Winners 2014


Quality, Risk and Accountability in the Collection of HNE Health Patient Activity Data

Team Leader: Aimee Hayes, Support Officer Planning and Performance

Aim: The aim of this project is to improve the quality of reporting patient activity data across HNE Health by assigning accountability at the facility level. Ultimately this will minimise errors with collection of patient information, improve allocation of resources across the District and lead to cost containment and efficiency.

Healthy Weight Women

Team Leader: Samantha Diamond Community Dietitian, Lower Mid North Coast

Aim: The proposed initiative is a holistic healthy lifestyle prevention program targeted at overweight and obese women aged 18 to 40 years. The program consists of 6 weekly healthy lifestyle sessions which utilise innovative tools and real life approaches to increase knowledge, skills and self-efficacy for achieving a healthy weight. This program is designed to be delivered by both Dietitians and Psychologists. The program aims for 70% of participants to achieve a body weight loss of at least 5% 6 months post program.

Developing and implementing a wound dehiscence risk assessment tool to guide postsurgical prevention of wound dehiscence within a rural hospital

Team Leader: Karla MacTaggart, Stomaltherapist Manning Hospital

Aim: Abdominal wound dehiscence (breakdown) is a serious post-surgery complication which can result in increased length of stay and increased fear and anxiety for the patient. This initiative aims to develop a validated wound dehiscence risk assessment tool to correctly identify those patients at risk of post-abdominal surgery wound dehiscence, and to facilitate the implementation of wound dehiscence prevention strategies.

Optimisation of glycaemic control in cardiology and cardiothoracic patients with dysgylcaemia with a view to improve clinical outcomes

Team Leaders: Alison Gebuehr, Diabetes Clinical Nurse Consultant JHH and Dr Shamasunder Acharya, Clinical Director Endocrinology

Aim: Health care facilities are experiencing a rapidly increasing prevalence of patients with diabetes and clinicians are faced with the management of increasingly complex diabetes-related illnesses. The aim of this project is to improve the patient journey and outcomes for patients with dysglycaemia admitted to cardiology and cardiothoracic wards at John Hunter Hospital by developing and implementing an evidence based protocol by which health care staff are guided in their assessment and management of these patients with a diagnosis of diabetes and/ or those with random glucose of >7.8mmol/l without known diabetes on admission. Optimizing glycaemic status will improve patient outcomes such as post-operative infections and length of hospital stay.

Optimising appropriate referrals to Specialist Palliative Care Services in collaboration with the Hunter Equipment Service and Occupational Therapists throughout Hunter New England Health

Team Leader: Jenny Gleeson Occupational Therapist Newcastle Palliative Care Service

Aim: This project aims to invest in, and develop the Palliative Care equipment loan pool that at its core supports the unique needs of palliative care patients, their families and carers to optimize their experience of end of life care in the home. Pivotal to this is the creation of a clear but flexible system of communication and collaboration with other service providers both from HNE LHD and NGOs to best utilise resources, staff time and the streamlining of care.

 NB: Please contact Team Leader to find out more information about each project.

Kaleidoscope Innovation Scholarship Winner 2014

Establishment of a multidisciplinary Saliva Management Clinic for children with a disability in the Northern Child Health Network

Team Leaders: Melissa Hayles, Speech Pathologist, Kaleidoscope Paediatric Rehabilitation Service

Aim: To establish a multidisciplinary Saliva Management Clinic which works in partnerships with families, children and young people, and local medical and therapy services to facilitate optimal care and intervention with respect to children and adolescents with saliva management issues.

 Congratulations to all the scholarship winners for 2014