Innovation Support Scholarships Winners 2013


Hip Surveillance for Children with Cerebral Palsy in the Northern Child Health Network

Team Leader: Erin Ralph, Physiotherapist, Kaleidoscope Paediatric Rehabilitation Service

Aim: The aim is to establish a comprehensive hip surveillance service based on the 'Australian Standard of Care Consensus Statement on Hip Surveillance for children with Cerebral Palsy' for children living in the Northern Child Health Network.  This project will identify children experiencing progressive hip subluxation and dislocation to facilitate early referral and treatment through appropriate orthopaedic services, thus resulting in an overall decrease in the number of children experiencing hip dislocation and requiring hip salvage surgery.  The long term aim of this service is to eliminate the need for hip salvage surgery completely, as has been achieved by the use of hip surveillance internationally.

Support My Spine asap! A 21st century Telehealth model of care to improve the outcome for patients with a spinal fracture

Team Leader: Ryan Gallagher, Acting Senior Physiotherapist - Neuroscience, JHH

Aim: The aim is to develop and implement a new model of care for patients with spinal fractures requiring treatment with a Thoracic Lumbar Sacral Orthotics that will reduce the need for patients in rural and regional communities to travel to John Hunter Hospital for specialist orthotic fitting and management.  This will improve the patient's health, improve the quality of care offered by HNE Health and reduce financial burden on patients and the health service associated with travel and long stays in hospital.

​Standarisation of operative equipment and techniques for common acute general surgery operations

Team Leader: Dr Peter Pockney, General Surgeon, John Hunter Hospital

Aim: The aim is to reduce the variability of equipment setups and operative techniques used in John Hunter Hospital operating theatre for two common acute general surgery operations (laparoscopic cholecystectomy and laparoscopic appendectomy) with the intention of improving patient safety, surgical training, reducing operating costs and reducing waste of consumable and reusable surgical equipment.

In the hands of our clinicians

Team Leader: Paula Doherty, Quality Use of Medicines Pharmacist John Hunter Hospital

Aim: The aim is to Embed application development as a major part of the provision of Quality Use of Medicines (QUM) Communication Strategy.  To facilitate access to up-to-date QUM resources to clinicians at the point of care by development information in a format able to be viewed easily on existing smart phones.

Does our Bundle Stack up! Innovation nurse led changes for preventative Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection - an interprofessional project

Team Leader: Wendy Watts, Urology Clinical Nurse Consultant

Aim: The aim is to develop and implement an innovative nurse led model of care in the use and management of Indwelling Urinary Catheters (IDC) utilising evidence based 'Bundled Interventions' to reduce the incidence of Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection (CAUTI) for patients requiring IDC.

Does our bundle stack up! Innovative nurse-led changes for preventing catheter-associated urinary tract infection (CAUTI)

"Footprint for the Future" optimising the delivery of multidisciplinary care within the Hunter New England Health High Risk Foot Service

Team Leader: Nicole Martin-Morgan, Service Manager, Greater Newcastle Cluster Podiatry & Footcare Services

Aim: The aim is to redesign and formalise the HNE Health High Risk Foot Service Model of Care to align with the NSW Agency of Clinical Innovation's draft document NSW Model of Care for High Risk Foot Services for People with Diabetes Mellitus.  This will provide a more efficient and effective service that is in line with current evidence based practice for high risk foot pathology.

Kaleidoscope Innovation Scholarship Winner 2013


Diabetes Sick Day App

Team Leaders: Helen Phelan & Dr Donald Anderson

Aim: To develop a comprehensive diabetes sick day app to enable:

• easily accessible sick day information

• improve consistency of sick day information across services and between health care professionals

• reduce the risk of DKA and severe hypoglycaemia

• reduce emergency presentations for minor illness that may have safely been managed at home

Congratulations to all the scholarship winners for 2013