Innovation Support Scholarships Winners 2010


​Project: Ensuring Equity of Access to Child and Family Health Nursing Services by Vulnerable Families, Mid North Coast Cluster


This project worked towards the long term change of increasing the uptake of developmental checks for the children of vulnerable families.


Aim: To improve early identification of, and intervention for, developmental and behavioural concerns. Research evidence shows that the social, emotional and cognitive development of children is affected in families with complex needs. Increasing the number of developmental checks provided an opportunity to reassess the psychosocial issues facing the family and enabled a service response depending on the family’s needs.


Chris Gallant, Nigel Lyons & Deborah Noakes


Martha Parsons, Nigel Lyons, Carol Azzopardi

Project: Improving the Quality of Care for Pregnant Women with Diabetes


Aim: To improve the continuity of care and provide a better experience for women who attend the Diabetes in Pregnancy Clinic at John Hunter Hospital. The project team worked in collaboration with consumers and service providers to ensure evidence based, streamlined, timely and cost effective care for pregnant women with diabetes.

​Project: Meeting the Needs of Cancer Patients Who Undergo Major Head and Neck Surgery at JHH

Patients who suffer with head and neck cancers undergo surgery that often renders them disfigured and disabled. This multidisciplinary project team worked with consumer advisors who had undergone major head and neck surgery for cancer.


Aim: To improve support services for patients across the trajectory of their illness experience from diagnosis, through surgery and return to the community.


Vicki Graham, Nigel Lyons, Project team


​Krystal Sullivan, Nigel Lyons, Luisa Renna

​Project: Therapeutic Breakfast Club for Stroke Rehabilitation Patients at Belmont Hospital

A therapeutic breakfast preparation/kitchen task and dining environment for patients in stroke rehabilitation.


Aim: To maximise independence, target functional kitchen skills, promote communication and ensure adequate intake and safe swallowing. The breakfast club project at Belmont Hospital combined healthcare that was client centred, evidence based and functional in context to improve function and quality of life, ensuring the best possible outcomes for clients.

Project: Fracture Prevention

There is evidence that recurring fractures can be prevented through identification and treatment of osteoporosis in patients presenting to emergency departments with minor fractures. The fracture prevention project has been in place at John Hunter Hospital since 2007 and the scholarship funding will supported an expansion of the project to a range of metropolitan and rural sites across HNE Health.


Aim: To improve the long term health outcomes for a large number of people in the target group of patients over the age of 50 years of age who present to an emergency department with a minimal fracture.


Dr John Van Der Kallen, Nigel Lyons, Project team

 Congratulations to all the scholarship winners for 2010