Telehealth set up for your Windows computer


* Please note that there has been a recent software update - you may need to reinstall the Scopia Software*

Note for Windows

Internet Explorer must be installed on your Windows PC when using the SCOPIA Desktop Client, even if you choose to access the meeting with an alternate web browser like Firefox, Safari or Chrome.


Check your internet speed

  • Telehealth needs to have a reliable broadband internet connection to work successfully.
  • If unsure of your internet speeds, please run an Internet Speed Test, by selecting Begin Test from this website - Ookla Internet Speed Test
  • Write down the results and repeat the test at least one more time to ensure that you are getting reliable results.


Compare your results

We do not recommend telehealth consultations when internet speeds are lower than:

    • Download: 0.3 Mbps - this affects the quality that you will see of your clinician
    • Upload: 0.3 Mbps - this affects the quality that your clinician will see of you.

Please note that if you are connecting using mobile broadband, internet connection speeds vary and often fluctuate significantly at different locations and times of day. It is ideal to test your connection speeds at the proposed time of the appointment and in the location that you intend to be in.

If your results are lower than the recommended speeds, you will need to arrange alternatives in order to participate in a telehealth consultation. This may include having the telehealth consultation:

    • At a family member's or friend's house,
    • With your GP (if appropriate), or
    • At a nearby health facility.



Install and test the telehealth software

  • Click the button above to install the software (it is free) and launch the telehealth test site.
  • The test site should display a looping video that runs you through some simple checks to ensure that you are ready for your telehealth consultation.

Browser Installation Guides

Depending on your browser, there may be some issues with the installation. Unfortunately broswer updates may affect software installation. Some specific user guides for different browsers are listed below:

* Please note that there has been a recent software update - you may need to reinstall the Scopia Software (22/07/2016) *


Windows instructions IE9-10 for ver 8.3.5.pdf

Chrome instructions ver 8.3.5.pdf

If the software still fails to install after reviewing the appropriate guide, please go to the Support section of our website.





If you have gone through the above steps and are having ongoing issues, please contact the telehealth helpdesk at Other contact details are found on our support page.

Hours of support are Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm.