Telehealth Support

Our technology

HNE telehealth uses Scopia software, which has been developed by Avaya. As a guide, if you have NBN, ADSL 2+ or a 4G/3G network connection, telehealth will be successful.

Successful telehealth requires a minimum internet speed of 300 kb per sec in both upload and download speeds. Data usage fees may be incurred, otherwise there is no cost to use this service. Usage is approximately 0.077GB per 10 minutes. This is similar to Skype and Facetime usage. 

Device setup

Please click on the relevant links from our main page or the lefthand menu to get your device ready for telehealth.

If you have run through the setup guides and are still having issues, please contact the support helpdesk using the details below. 

HNE Health will support you in accessing our telehealth technologies.


Please click on this link to view the Scopia Troubleshooting page. Provided you have an adequate internet conenction, if the steps on the troubleshooting page are followed by each participant of the telehealth appointment there will be no problems.

Remote support software


Clinical Telehealth Support uses TeamViewer software to assist you in troubleshooting issues on Windows and Mac computers. If requested by a support member, please download our remote support software by clicking on the button below: 


Telehealth support contact


Phone: (02) 498 55400, Option 2 ​​​