Connecting care to improve health outcomes for older people living in residential care:

  • P- partnerships in

  • A - aged

  • C - care

  • E - emergency services using

  • I - interactive

  • T - telehealth

How does it work?

Visual Telehealth can be used to build on existing Aged Care Emergency (ACE) care models by visually connecting:

  • The Aged care Service in Emergency Team (ASET) nurse
  • The RACF older person who is feeling unwell
  • Their family and carers
  • The RACF staff

‚ÄčLinking residents to appropriate care.

Minimising disruptions by avoiding unnecessary transfers.

Strengthening partnerships and enhancing communication.

Optimising person and family centred decision making.

Ensuring care is delivered in the right place, at the right time.




For more information contact Carla Sunner on 0477 329 996.