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Multicultural information and resources

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  • Working with Sudanese Women and Babies 
    HNE Health MHS & Parenting Education Unit, December 2004
  • Perceptions of Ageing Well in Asian Older Adults in the Hunter region 
    HNE Health MHS, presented at the Psychogeriatric Nursing Association Conference, Canberra September 2008
  • African Refugee Women's Health Project
    HNE Health MHS, December 2009
  • Cultural Aspects of Birthing 
    HNE Health MHS, presented at the Mothers at the Margins Conference, Brisbane, April 2011
  • Quality and Safety of Care for Clients from Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Backgrounds
    HNE Health MHS, poster presentation at the BMJ International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare, Paris, April 2012
  • Competencies in Multicultural Healthcare
    A training DVD consisting of 4 modules on developing cultural competence for health professionals working in the all areas of healthcare, particularly in obstetrics, aged care and mental health.  To obtain a copy of this training DVD please contact the Multicultural Health Service on 4924 6285