​​Multicultural Health Liaison Program – Mothers, Obstetrics and Multicultural Support (MOMS) Program

The MOMS program was introduced in 2005 to support for the social isolation and lack of support experienced by women from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds (CALD) during pregnancy and after childbirth. 

The program works to:

  • Ensure that culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) women have access to the Health Care Interpreter Service
  • Encourage CALD women to attend parenting education and refer CALD women to have one by one or small group education session with an interpreter
  • Keep CALD backgrounds women informed about available services and to help them in accessing those services
  • Reduce social isolation and anxiety  
  • Provide CALD women with cultural support and multilingual information on pregnancy and parenting

The service reminds obstetric staff to book interpreters as required by NSW Health Policy Directives and informs health professionals of identified cultural needs and expectations as needed by a mother.

Culturally and linguistically diverse women are provided support through regular contact including home visits. Information about relevant services and support groups including Parenting Education, early parenting and connections with other mothers from same/similar cultural and linguistic backgrounds are provided.

Referrals can also be organised to appropriate services as needed.

As part of the program women and their partners are given delivery suite/birthing centre tours, interpreter-assisted antenatal classes and MOMS Friendship Group.

The MOMS program is offered to women attending the antenatal clinics at the Armidale Hospital, John Hunter Hospital, Maitland Hospital, Belmont Birthing Centre, Wallsend Midwives Team, Toronto Midwives Clinic, Tomaree Antenatal Clinic and Raymond Terrace Clinic. 

To contact the Multicultural Health Liaison team in the MOMS Program please ring: 

  • John Hunter Hospital, Belmont Birthing Centre, Wallsend Midwives Team, Toronto Midwives Clinic, Tomaree clinic and Raymond Terrace Clinic - 4921 4497 
  • Maitland Hospital and surrounding areas - 4939 2406 
  • Armidale Hospital and surrounding areas - 6776 1205​