​Mental Health & Drug and Alcohol

The Multicultural Health Liaison Officer for Mental Health & Drug and Alcohol Clinical Services provides consultancy, liaison, advocacy, information and multicultural support to health professionals and clients on any cultural or language issue which may arise before, during and after the treatment.

The Multicultural Health Liaison Officer provides regular cultural awareness training to the staff in Mental Health & Drug and Alcohol Clinical Services on language and cultural issues,  which may impact on a culturally and linguistically appropriate care delivery as well as policies and procedures relating to use of health care interpreters and consent.

Stigma associated with mental illness and drug and alcohol issues along with lack of knowledge about available services and different attitudes to mental illness are the biggest barriers in accessing services. Community education programs such as Multicultural Mental Health Wellness Program and Youth Wellness program aim to address these barriers.

Hunter Multicultural Community Drug Action Team (MCDAT) is an outreach program which aims to reduce the incidence of drug and alcohol use among culturally and linguistically diverse communities. Confident Communities: A guide to working together with African communities to reduce alcohol-related harm aims to provide guidance to local community groups, health and other organizations in addressing African and other communities' alcohol related issues.

Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) education program has been another successful community education program which was delivered to around 150 people from 12 different backgrounds.

Contact - Dubravka Vasiljevic, Dubravka.Vasiljevic@hnehealth.nsw.gov.au

Information and Services

STARTTS- Service for Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors provides culturally appropriate therapeutic counselling, psychological assessments, group programs and early intervention to refuges that experienced torture and trauma issues.

Phone: (02) 4924 6285 (Newcastle);  (02) 9794 1900 (Sydney)

Website: www.startts.org 

Transcultural Mental Health Centre (TMHC) - provides clinical intervention and education through bi-lingual mental health professionals, mental health nurses and psychologists.

Phone: (02) 9912 3851

Website: www.dhi.gov.au/tmhc