Multicultural Health Liaison Program – Kaleidoscope/Child and Family Health

Services offered

The Multicultural Health Liaison Officer Child and Family Health works with staff in the Kaleidoscope Network in acute and community care as well as government and non-government agencies who are involved in child protection and domestic violence issues.

The Multicultural Health Unit takes referrals and assists in case conferences to ensure that children from culturally and linguistically diverse communities and their families are able to access appropriate care.

Positive Parenting Program

The Multicultural Health Liaison Officer in Child and Family Health provides Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) for culturally and linguistically diverse families with children aged 2-12 years living within the Hunter region. 

Components of Triple P are population based and have a prevention and early intervention focus. This is consistent with the universal and population-based focus of the Families NSW strategy. 

The following components of Triple P provide generic parenting information and support for all families:

  • Level 2 Seminar Series Triple P – a 3-week seminar program (2 hours per seminar) that is provided to large groups of parents and designed to introduce positive parenting principles and building blocks for raising confident and resilient children.

  • Level 4 Group Triple P – an 8-week small group program (2 hours per week) for parents requiring more intensive training in positive parenting skills.

  • Level 4 Self-Directed Triple P – a 10-week self-help program for parents where detailed information is provided in a parenting workbook. The program may be augmented by weekly 15-30 minute telephone consultations or home visits.