Strategic directions and organisational structure

Strategic directions

The strategic direction of HNE Health mental health services is outlined in the following documents:

Our charter

  1. We will be guided by what consumers and carers need.
  2. Understand each person has unique needs, desires and expectations. 
  3. Treat everyone with respect, professionalism, care and compassion and expect to be treated the same. 
  4. Acknowledge and support carers, family and friends in looking after their loved ones, to the extent they can. 
  5. Facilitate access to appropriate information and resources to enable people to make their own decisions. 
  6. Communicate our recommendations for care and treatment clearly and fully. 
  7. Deliver care that is meaningful and stop doing things that do not work for people. 
  8. Encourage people to `Take Charge’ and enable them to self manage and achieve recovery. 
  9. Advocate for a system that looks after needs of all concerned. 
  10. Work together to develop a system that is responsive and meets needs and expectation of our community

We also subscribe to the NSW Carers Charter - Our commitment to engage with carers

Organisational structure

HNE Health provides public mental health services to the community of the Hunter New England region. The Mental Health executive team consists of a Director, General Manager, Directors of Nursing Services and Allied Health, and Executive Leaders of Medical Services; Business Development and Performance; Quality Assurance, Audit risk and Compliance; Innovation, Partnership and Engagement; and Workforce, People and Culture. Clinical Services are led by Clinical/Service Directors and supported by Service Managers.

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