​Fundraising and Volunteering in Mental Health

Our HNE Mental Health Volunteer and Fundraising Service aids both staff and consumers, providing support and resources to for consumers during their journey and recovery process and providing staff with assistance.


Could you see yourself:

  • Being involved in activity programs with consumers, such as arts and crafts, games, cooking, music, library, gardening or sport?
  • Providing support and companionship to consumers?
  • Raising valuable funds to support caring for our consumers, such as being part of our Corner Store sales team, or making items for sale?
  • Joining in community events to raise awareness for mental health?
  • Providing administration support?

Volunteers not only support our staff and consumers for a range of activities and responsibilities, but also benefit from the service themselves by:

  • Helping us build a strong and resilient community
  • Investing their time with meaning and purpose and improving their own wellbeing
  • Improving their perception of mental illness and helping break down stigma
  • Developing communication skills and confidence
  • Gaining experience in a mental health service, including networking with professional staff

Who can volunteer with HNE Mental Health?

Whether you are a university or TAFE student, retired, working or non-working or have lived experience of mental illness, we welcome volunteers from all backgrounds and various life stages.

Your interests, knowledge and skills are valuable and can be utilised across the service. We have a wide range of opportunities across the District in various locations, ranging from direct consumer/patient contact to working exclusively with staff. Volunteering is all about choice.

What is expected of volunteers in HNE Mental Health?

HNE Mental Health volunteers are reliable and share our values of collaboration, openness, respect, and empowerment. We also require volunteers to be able to commit to our volunteer service for a minimum of 1-2 hours per week or fortnight over a minimum period of three months.

Mandatory checks are required, including a National Criminal Record Check and, depending on where you may volunteer, a Working with Children Check or Aged Care Check.

Mandatory training is compulsory. We have a responsibility to keep you safe, and so attendance and completion of this training is essential.

A clearance from our staff health nurse is necessary. This may involve completing a form or attending a free appointment.

How do I become a volunteer with HNE Mental Health?

To find out more about how we can work together, contact our Fundraising and Volunteer Manager for a confidential chat and request an application pack. Phone: 4033 5134 | Email: elizabeth.bosworth@hnehealth.nsw.gov.au


Want to fundraise on behalf of HNE Mental Health? 

HNE Mental Health welcomes staff members and community members who wish to fundraise on our behalf. However, Fundraising activities must adhere to the NSW Health Fundraising and Sponsorship Guidelines. Please seek advice from both the HNE Mental Health Fundraising & Volunteer Manager [Phone (02) 4033 5134] and the HNELHD Communication Unit [phone (02) 4985 5522]. If a department or unit is approached by an individual or organisation within the community who wishes to fundraise on their behalf, they will also need to seek advice.


Donations can be made to Mental Health services via this link