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Experience working in our hospitals and be paid

Hunter New England Health offers a variety of Locum placements across our health District that can assist you with making your decision in applying for one of our permanent positions.

You can experience how a facility works, network with the current staff and immerse yourself in the culture and community all the while being paid for the hours you work.

We are always seeking CMO IC's, SRMO's, RMO's and Registrars for ED's from Armidale to Maitland.  We also often seek the services of doctors for O & G, Oncology, Medicine, Paediatrics, Surgical, Psychiatry, ICU and many others.

You will earn from $80 an hour and up, depending on your grade and location of the shift.  We will also book and pay for your travel and accommodation when needed.

Placement durations can be from 2 days up to several weeks.  We will endeavour to work with your availability.

There will be some paperwork involved however we try to make it as easy as we can for you.

If you are interested in receiving more information about this opportunity, please call Laura Gray on 02 49853403 or email HNELHD-MedLocMgt@hnehealth.nsw.gov.au

Please read the FAQ's below regarding working Locum shifts in our LHD.

Frequently Asked Questions    
If I join HNE Locums, can I still be with an agency for shifts in other Health Districts? Yes  
Can I take shifts whilst on annual leave from my substantive   No
Do I need Secondary Employment Approval from my substantive? Yes  
Do I sign an Agreement/Contract to join HNE Locums? Yes  
Does a National Criminal Record Check take place? Yes  
For current HNE employees    
As an existing employee of HNE can I join HNE Locums? Yes  
Do I need Secondary Employment Approval from my substantive? Yes  
Can I cancel shifts at my substantive to take Locum shifts   No
Can I take Locum shifts whilst on unpaid leave   No