Hunter New England Basic Physicians Network

Who are we?

The Hunter New England Basic Physicians Network was established in 2005 and since its inception has become the largest BPT Training Network in NSW.  We train and support over 80 trainees across eight hospitals, spanning two health districts, centred around Newcastle.  We have a strong focus and track record in General Medical and rural training with the core training occurring at NSW’s largest regional tertiary referral centre.

Why Hunter New England Basic Physician Training Network is the Network for you?

  • We offer world-class facilities across a diverse range of training sites.
  • Experience the wonders of metro training in a city full of lifestyle at half the price of Sydney living.
  • Great rural training sites that offer fantastic training because of our enthusiastic and experienced physicians and the breadth of pathology that is just not seen in metropolitan centres.  In addition  you will experience the great rural community collaborative ethos not found anywhere else.
  • If you are thinking of a rural career – this network is perfect for you as you are exposed to the best of both worlds.

Comprehensive case mix offering Training Terms (approx. 13 weeks each) in:

John Hunter Hospital Calvary Mater Newcastle
​General Medicine ​General Medicine 
​Cardiology ​Cardiology  
​Endocrinology ​Haematology 
​Geriatric Medicine ​Medical Oncology
​Gastroenterology ​Palliative Care
​Infectious Diseases ​Gastroenterology
​Nephrology including renal transplantation (The only non-capital city transplant unit in Australia) Belmont Hospital
​Neurology ​General Medicine
​Respiratory Medicine Wyong Hospital
​Rheumatology   ​General Medicine
Maitland Rural Referral Hospital ​Neurology
​General Medicine  ​Respiratory Medicine
Tamworth Rural Referral Hospital ​Geriatrics   
​General Medicine Armidale Rural Referral Hospital
Manning Rural Referral Hospital ​General Medicine 
​General Medicine
​Medical Oncology


We are happy to accommodate flexible training options if required.
Length of Training contracts will be introduced from 2020.

Education and Training Support

Our newly developed and committed Medical Education and Training Unit supports the Networks in wider collaborative training and opportunities to access education across a broad range of Medical Specialties.  We provide an annual calendar of ALL events across specialties from the district and we are here to assist you with all your training obligations.

HNE Simulation Centre: the centre provides inter-professional, multi-disciplinary training that enhances patient and staff safety, minimises adverse events and ensures fitness to function as part of a team through programs that target procedural skills, integrated clinical management and communication.

Resident Guide Logo.JPG

Hunter New England Health has partnered with MedApps to produce the  Resident Guide App.  Resident Guide App is a free downloadable App that gives Doctors information and tools you need in the palm of your hand.  Resident Guide has been developed by Doctors for Doctors.  
The App provides you all the information you need to get your job done.  You can access Orientation Guides, Imaging and Consult Guides, Protocols and Procedures and much more.

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Teaching opportunities/training

There is a close affiliation between the Hunter New England BPT Network and the University of Newcastle and University of New England with extensive opportunity to teach students at all stages of their medical (and other health care career) training.  The University actively encourages BPTs to access clinical teacher training and apply to become members of the Academy of Clinical Educators.

Research Opportunities

The Hunter New England District has an extensive track record in world leading research centred at the Hunter Medical Research Institute (HMRI).  The HMRI was established as a strategic partnership between the University of Newcastle, Hunter New England Local Health District and the Community.  HMRI provides the central “hub” for research funding, strategy and infrastructure across the region. 

Some of eminent researchers include:

Exam preparation

We offer a strong Clinical Exam Preparation Program which includes:

  • Weekly rostered short case tutorials
  • Weekly rostered long case tutorials
  • Specialty specific afternoons
  • Weekend trial exams

Our Network has had the privilege of producing 2 Winners and 1 Runner-Up of the “Bryan Hudson Medal” since 2008.  This prestigious Medal is awarded for the best overall performance in the RACP Written and Clinical Examinations in Adult Medicine.


Values, Visions, Goals and Strengths: Hunter New England Local Health District’s strategic direction supports the principle of Excellence.  Every Patient.  Every time.    

Our Values: Collaboration, Openness, Respect and Empowerment

Our Vision: Healthy people – now and into the future. 

Our Goals: Keeping people healthy and in the community.  Providing world-class clinical services with timely access and effective infrastructure. 

Our Strengths: We pride ourselves with a focus on innovation, teaching and research and successful strategies to improve staff safety.    

Our Medical Workforce Unit is dedicated to JMO Wellbeing.  Hunter New England Local Health District collaborates with the Ministry of Health, HETI and RACP to provide excellence in training and a safe and supportive environment.  Trainees are well supported by Clinical Governance - Hunter New England Local Health District developed the innovative JMO Safety and Quality Program.

All Hunter New England Local Health District staff members are able to enter our HNELHD Excellence awards.  Countless trainees participate in local projects around Models of Care and/or Service Changes. 

Trainee Support

Our experienced Network Manager and Medical Education and Training Coordinator are happy to provide assistance with helping you relocate to the area as required including, but not limited to, assistance with registration and visa requirements, organisation and reminding you of teaching sessions, assisting you with exam preparation and scheduling, reminding you when assessments are due, orientating you to the hospitals and Hunter New England Area, distribution of allocations and rosters, approval of annual and study leave.  We are here to help and assist you in all your training necessities.  


Network Director of Training and Clinical Directors of Training:  Our exceptional Director and Clinical Directors of Training at all sites will provide regular feedback and guidance and will help you succeed in your Medical Career.  They will support and encourage you in all your training requirements.

You will also have daily access to brilliant and supportive Medicine Consultants in a range of sub-specialties.

What facilities will Trainees be rotated to and how is this allocated?

The Hunter Network generally operates on the 6/12/6 model where a trainee can expect to be sent to peripheral sites for the first six months and then be rotated back to the main teaching hospitals for 12 months of their exam preparation/exams and then be rotated back out to the peripheries for the last 6 months. This is based on a two year contract with trainees coming to the Network having completed their BPT 1 year already, along with trainees sitting their exams at the first available opportunity.

However, the Hunter Network wholeheartedly supports trainees who identify that they require additional time to prepare prior to sitting their exams and therefore rotations can be adjusted to allow this to occur which will sit outside the 6/12/6 model.

Allocations are released prior to the beginning of the year and are formulated based on an individual trainee’s preferences and College training requirements.

All trainees can expect to have met their College requirements met at the end of their contracts prior to moving on to Advanced Training.

Facility ​RACP Teaching
Hospital Level
​Driving distance from central Newcastle ​Accommodation Available
​John Hunter Hospital ​Level 3 ​10 minutes ​No
​Calvary Mater Newcastle ​Level 1 ​10 minutes ​No
​Belmont District Hospital ​Level 1 ​20 minutes ​No
​Wyong Hospital ​Level 1 ​60 minutes ​On request
​Maitland Rural Referral Hospital Level 1​ ​35 minutes ​On request
​Manning Rural Referral Hospital ​Level 1 ​2 hours ​Yes
​Tamworth Rural Referral Hospital ​Level 2 ​4 hours ​Yes
​Armidale Rural Referral Hospital ​Level 1 ​5 hours ​Yes


“I have worked and trained between Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne and London (UK). Newcastle is big enough to have everything a doctor needs both medically and socially, without the downsides of cost and traffic of major capital centres. At the same time, in two hours you can be in Sydney; time that many people spend in a commute every day.

It is a friendly and collegiate place to work with approachable and friendly senior staff who are more likely to insist on being called by their first name rather than by “Professor”. This has helped the Hunter New England network to punch above its weight as a training centre with two RACP college medallists in less than 15 years. Newcastle has a young population who make the most of everything Newcastle offers from beaches to mountain biking and even the occasional vineyard trip.

If you want to train in a university teaching hospital that covers every specialty, you enjoy the great outdoors and you don’t want to fight with traffic for hours every day, look no further than Newcastle!”

– Dr Thomas Wellings-Department of Neurology, Recipient of Bryan Hudson Medal 2008

"I grew up in rural New South Wales, and have always wanted to work in a major regional centre. I completed my internship and residency in Orange before moving to Newcastle to work at John Hunter Hospital as a BPT with a view to getting into cardiology training.
Coming from outside the network I was embraced, as was my desire to return to work in a major regional centre. I’ve only ever been supported by the Network, Physicians program and the Cardiology department.

Working in John Hunter I’ve found strong mentors who’ve both supported and challenged me. I’ve been able to develop as a clinician and be involved in research and quality assurance programs.
Outside from work, Newcastle is a great place to live; having everything that Sydney has, without the stress, hassle and traffic. The vineyards are around the corner with great restaurants, the beaches are some of the best in Australia and the houses are affordable.
Whether you’re looking for a major hospital to train, or a place to settle down and raise a family, I cannot recommend Newcastle highly enough."

– Dr Michael McGee, Cadiology Advanced Trainee


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