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Joint Medical Program (JMP)

HNET works closely with the university JMP to provide a high quality training program for the medical students and attempts to provide a good learning experience for the medical students. There is emphasis on teaching in the clinical context and our consultants, registrars and other members of the multidisciplinary team continue to provide valuable supervision and mentorship. HNET has introduced a ‘Registrars as Teachers’ program to support the registrars in this role and to further enhance their teaching skills. This close liaison with the university, emphasis on medical student education and development of a framework to review the psychiatry curriculum and training for medical students, continues to provide impetus for further improvements.

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Year 5 students

For more information about the program, visit this website:  http://www.meded.help/year-5-psychiatry/

Year 5 Course Coordinator for Psychiatry: Dr Anthony Llewellyn

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