JMO Training (Interns and RMOs)




Junior Medical Officer (JMO) Training Program

The Junior Medical Officer (JMO) Teaching Program is run during the 10 weeks that PGY1s and PGY2s spend doing a Psychiatry term at locations throughout the Hunter New England Mental Health Service. JMOs allocated a Psychiatry rotation at rural sites participate in the teaching via videoconference.

The sessions are held each Thursday from 3pm to 5pm and offer JMOs the opportunity to expand their knowledge base in areas such as mental state examination, psychopharmacology, the Mental Health Act and Risk Management.  The case based discussions and interactive nature of the teaching enhances the learning experience.


JMO Supervision/Journal Club sessions

JMO Group Supervision/Journal Club sessions occur each Friday 4.00pm - 5.00pm at the Mater Hospital (MHA Building Level 4).

Med App

Resources for your JMO Mental Health rotation are available on the Med App. Select HNE Mental Health as your hospital location to access this information.

Instructions for downloading the app are below:
  1. Go to the App Store or Google Play and download ‘Med App' to your phone or tablet (iOS or Android).
  2. Alternatively – here is a link to invite you to the app: 
  3. Open up the app and if it has not already chosen HNE Mental Health as your location, choose your location as Hunter New England LHD – HNE Mental Health.
  4. Select the role/s that apply to you. For example, choose 'Intern' or 'RMO'.


HNET eLearning Centre

We have an online resource available to utilise that is intended as an additional learning platform for JMOs to supplement the JMO training. Visit the HNET eLearning centre via 

Any of our doctors are welcome to use it and it also meets the HSP (Hospitalist Skills Program) Level 1 for mental health. If you have trouble accessing the resource this how-to guide will help.

JMO Term Descriptions

Access to JMO Term Descriptions are through the Resident Guide App.

HNAPP (for interns and RMOs)

The Hunter New England Accelerated Psychiatry Program is the first program in Australia which was designed to permit PGY1 and PGY2 doctors to pursue exposure to psychiatry and related mental health terms whilst still undertaking the required exposure to general medical terms at the prevocational level. The program is suitable for junior doctors who are considering a future career in psychiatry and other mental health related areas of medicine (including general practice) and involves undertaking terms in psychiatry in PGY1 and PGY2 as well as the appointment of a psychiatry trainee as mentor across PGY1 and 2, social activities and additional educational exposure to mental health education.

Each year up to 10 HNE interns are accepted to the program.

If you would like to discuss the program, please contact Dr Anthony Llewellyn (Director of Prevocational Education and Training).

Dr Llewellyn will be pleased to have a chat with you about what is on offer. If you could attach a brief CV when you contact Dr Llewellyn, that would be helpful.


Current HNAPPers

Nathan Gore (mentor: Matthew Elton)

Bahador Asadi (mentor: Genevieve Ryan)

Tierney Spillane (mentor: Wenming Zhou)

Henry Davies (mentor: Ken Boldery)

Matthew Brown (mentor: Stephanie Roland)

Sam Walters (mentor: Namrata Shetty)

Brona Sparkes (mentor: Srilaxmi Balachandran)

Tahni Pyke (mentor: Matilda Brown)

Nicole Payne (mentor: Allison Forbes)

Tahl Zagron (mentor: Kristy Rebello)

Aneka Larsen (mentor: Anitha Dani)

Reshma Roy (mentor: Rekha Nassa)

Lewis Freeth (mentor: Emma O'Leary)

Ming Yong (mentor: David Townsend)

Pearl Chong (mentor: Raeleigh Green)

India Latimore (mentor: Sally Lambert)

Peter Enks (mentor: Shaminga Weerakkody)

Emily Ditchfield (mentor: Su Lynn Cheah)