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Welcome to HNET! For news and dates to remember, stay on this page. Other information can be found in the links to the left. For current staff of HNET, click the "FOR STAFF" link for more information and resources pertinent to your work with us.


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What's news?

  • The new JMO Handbook for registrars and CMOs has been published in the MedApp for access by HNEMH doctors.
  • New JMO Specialty Guide: CIAP has created a new Specialty Guide to assist junior doctors through the trials and tribulations of those first few years on the job. The JMO Guide will act as a quick access portal to some of your favourite sites like UpToDate. It will also link to a variety of other useful resources. Click here to access it:

HNET trainees can find lots of useful information in our HOW-TO guides, available on our intranet site (for staff only). Click here to check them out! 

Dates to remember

4 April 2020:  RANZCP OSCE Exam (cancelled)

15 May 2020:  RANZCP Psychotherapy Written Case submission date

24 July 2020:  RANZCP MCQ Exam

14 August 2020:  RANZCP Psychotherapy Written Case submission date

19 August 2020:  RANZCP Essay Exam

19 September 2020:  RANZCP OSCE Exam

28 September 2020:  RANZCP Scholarly Project submission date

6 November 2020:  RANZCP Scholarly Project submission date

13 November 2020:  RANZCP Psychotherapy Written Case submission date

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