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What's news?


InTrain is now live for New Zealand trainees and supervisors

InTrain, the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP) new training administration system, is now available for all New Zealand trainees and supervisors.  Australian trainees and supervisors will be able to access InTrain from January 2019 and will be notified by email when access to InTrain is available.

InTrain provides the ability for the online submission and approval of key training documents, replacing the current paper-based system. In addition, InTrain will reduce the paperwork required, offer a real time overview of training progression and provide alerts and reminders to keep training progression on track. InTrain will be used to submit training forms (e.g.: WBAs, EPAs and ITAs) for the rotation Semester 1, 2019. Trainees are required to use the current paper forms for any training completed during the current rotation.

InTrain can be accessed via or via logging into MyRANZCP. Please use your existing RANZCP ID number and password (the same details used to access the RANZCP website) to log in.

A comprehensive help system is located in InTrain to assist with navigating and using the system. In addition, trainees should complete the short e-learning module and review the recent trainee and supervisor webinars which provide demonstrations of InTrain. Additional webinars will be provided in the coming months to allow Australian trainees (and those in New Zealand who are after a refresher) the opportunity to view InTrain and ask questions.

 A dedicated helpdesk has been set up to assist trainees with InTrain. Please contact or call 0800 443 827 (toll-free from New Zealand) for assistance.

Dates to remember

4 February 2019:  Semester 1, 2019 and JMO Term 1 commences. HNET New Doctor Orientation Day 1.

8 February 2019:  HNET New Doctor Orientation Day 2.

13 February 2019:  HNET FEC Sem 1 commences.

13 February 2019:  RANZCP Essay Exam.

15 February 2019:  RANZCP MCQ Exam.

6 April 2019:  RANZCP OSCE Exam (Gold Coast).

15 April 2019:  JMO Term 2 commences.

22 April 2019:  MCQ and Essay Exam Prep commences for Aug 2019 exam.

24 June 2019:  JMO Term 3 commences.

9 August 2019:  RANZCP MCQ Exam.

13 August 2019:  RANZCP Essay Exam.

2 September 2019:  JMO Term 4 commences.

14 September 2019:  RANZCP OSCE Exam (TBA).

5 August 2019:  Semester 2, 2019 commences.

7 August 2019:  HNET FEC Sem 2 commences.

11 November 2019:  JMO Term 5 commences.

3 February 2020:  Semester 1, 2020 and JMO Term 1 commences. HNET Orientation Day 1.

7 February 2020:  HNET Orientation Day 2.

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