​Our Facility

Our facility is a highly flexible space that incorporates two clinical simulation spaces (emergency department/intensive care unit and an operating theatre) and five flexible areas, including two debriefing rooms suitable for advanced communications training.

The centre is supported by a fully integrated audiovisual system.  We use B-Line Medical (a video coding system suitable for research purposes) to manage our video data by capturing vision, sound, instructor and course details.

See more about the facility in the Newcastle Herald and ABC news coverage of the official opening in 2013.

Our Equipment

Our family of Laerdal newborn, infant, child and adult mannequins includes SimNewB®, SimBaby®, SimJunior®, SimMan®, SimMan3G® and SimMom®.

We also have a family of METI mannequins including PediaSIM ECS, PediaSIM HPS and METI HPS.  The ultra-sophisticated METI HPS is one of only three in NSW, and PediaSIM HPS is one of only two in Australia and New Zealand.  These are the only simulators on the current market able to respond to the administration of real anaesthetic gases, and to provide respiratory gas exchange.

Clinical equipment in our replica operating theatre, ICU/emergency department
and wards includes:

    • piped gases
    • Sonosite M-turbo ultrasound
    • GE Aisys electronic anaesthesia machine
    • fibre-optic and video bronchoscopes
    • video-laryngoscopes
    • defibrillators
    • warming devices
    • infusion pumps
    • ventilators

Other specialised educational equipment includes:

  • Ventriloscope (transmits heart & lung sounds to a realistic stethoscope receiver)
  • iSimulate (a pair of iPads that operate as a patient monitor and instructor controller for mobile use, or use with standardised patients), 
  • Smartboards and video-conferencing facilities