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Develop your skills with one of our scheduled courses. Alternatively, we can tailor specific simulation courses for small groups. Professional development points are available for many courses. To stay up to date with our latest courses and course vacancies, join the HNE Simulation Centre mailing list.

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HNE Health employees are encouraged to apply for funding assistance where applicable.

Simulation courses

ALS half-day workshops for HNE Health medical & nursing staff

  • The aim of these half-day courses is to refresh HNE Health medical officers and nursing staff in the theory and practical skills, both technical and teamwork skills, to manage a cardiac arrest … more info

ALS courses for nursing and medical staff

  • The aim of the course is to teach a multidisciplinary team the theory and practical skills to manage a cardiac arrest and other cardiovascular crises … more info

Anaesthetic Emergencies

  • This inter-professional course focuses on the management of anaesthetic emergencies with an emphasis on teamwork and communication … more info

Anaesthesia - Neuroanaesthesia Crisis Resource Management

  • Aimed at the ‘occasional neuro-anaesthetist’ who would like to update and refresh their neuro-resuscitation skills, advanced trainees in anaesthesia preparing for Fellowship exams, and anaesthesia nurses wanting to gain experience in managing rare neuro-anaesthesia emergencies … more info

Anaesthesia - Obstetric Emergencies

  • Explore the management of acute obstetric emergencies, including rare and life threatening events using interactive workshops, skills stations and immersive scenarios … more info

Anaesthesia - Paediatric Crisis Resource Management

  • Rehearse and discuss the management of paediatric anaesthesia crises … more info

Anaesthesia - Thoracic Workshop

  • This half-day hands-on workshop is designed for the generalist anaesthetist who occasionally encounters thoracic anaesthesia, particularly in the after-hours or urgent setting … more info

ANZCA CPD Emergency Response Series: Anaesthesia - Advanced Life Support

  • The session will satisfy the ANZCA CPD program requirements for emergency response ALS, the course is suitable for ANZCA trainees ... more info

ANZCA CPD Emergency Response Series: Anaesthesia - Anaphylaxis

  • To prepare anaesthesia providers for managing anaphylaxis ... more info

ANZCA CPD Emergency Response Series: Can't Intubate, Can't Oxygenate (CICO)

  • Participants will develop and practise the skills, knowledge and attitudes required to recognise and manage the CICO situation … more info

ANZCA CPD Emergency Response Series: Anaesthesia - Major Haemorrhage

  • To prepare anaesthesia providers for managing major haemorrhage ... more info

Emergency Department Simulation Courses

  • A range of courses including ED Critical Care, ED Difficult Airway Management, ED Paediatric Crisis Resource Management & ED Trauma Team training … more info

Epidural Analgesia (introductory)

  • This half-day hands on course will provide junior doctors with an interest in anaesthesia, or who are about to commence in a registrar role, the knowledge and skills to safely administer labour epidurals for analgesia ... more info

Essentials of Debriefing and Feedback (for clinical supervisors and educators)

  • This course will introduce participants to a conversational framework that can be applied to challenging conversations that occur in their practice as clinical educators, supervisors and leaders ... more info

Hospital Skills Program simulation courses

  • The Hospital Skills Program is sponsoring a suite of immersive simulation-based crisis managment courses in 2019 ... more info

Improving safety for junior doctors by strengthening the communication and feedback skills of senior doctors

  • Developed with HNE Health JMOs to bring about a culture change as part of the JMO Wellbeing Project, this course will equip senior medical officers with a range of strategies to improve the dynamics and workplace culture within their team ... more info

Instructor Training

  • We regularly run one and two-day instructor training courses ... more info

Intensive Care Unit Simulation Courses

  • A range of courses including Difficult Airway Management ICU, Simulation-enhanced Intensive Care, Paediatric ICU … more info

Intensive Training in Airway Management

  • This one-day course aims to provide a foundation in airway management for clinicians working independently, or with limited supervision and support, in the emergency department, rural & remote, after-hours, trauma team and retrieval settings … more info

Intern Boot Camp

  • You’ve finished medical school and you might be wondering how you’ll manage when your first page goes off. What will it be…? What will you do in that first 10 minutes before help arrives … more info

Managing Complications of Sedation in Paediatric Patients

  • Develop skills in the recognition and management of adverse clinical events encountered as a consequence of paediatric sedation and analgesia … more info

Managing the Shared Airway in ENT Surgery

  • Led by expert facilitators, this course will review strategies for managing airway surgery, including selection and troubleshooting of specialised equipment, and promote understanding of the challenges faced by surgical and anaesthetic teams ... more info

Medical Interview Presentation Skills

  • You’ve worked hard to gain the qualifications, skills and experience necessary for your next career move, but how do you actually demonstrate to a prospective employer that you’re the right person for the job? ... more info

Mobile Simulation

  • Interprofessional team training focussing on communication, leadership, decision making and resource management for teams working in 'one-doctor' towns, 'no doctor' towns, and district hospital staff from wards, operating theatres and emergency … more info

Neonatal Resuscitation

  • Rehearse and discuss the management of Neonatal Intensive Care Unit crises … more info

Obstetric Emergencies

  • Explore the management of acute obstetric emergencies, including rare and life threatening events using interactive workshops, skills stations and immersive scenarios … more info

Operating Theatre Team Training

  • Rehearse the management of challenges and crises which occur in the operating suite ... more info

Rescuing the Deteriorating Patient

  • Learn how to perform a rapid assessment and initiate early management for common problems facing emergency teams: cardiac arrest, airway obstruction, breathing impairment, cardiovascular compromise, coma or seizure, electrolyte abnormalities … more info

Rescuing the Deteriorating Paediatric Patient

  • Participants will learn to recognise and provide appropriate treatment to the critically ill child and develop non-technical skills including leadership, communication and decision making … more info

Return to Anaesthesia Practice

  • Returning to anaesthesia practice after a period of absence can be a challenging time. This simulation-based course allows participants to practice technical skills as well as the diagnosis and management of anaesthetic crises ... more info

Rural Trauma Team Training

  • This course, designed specifically for rural and remote doctors and nurses, focuses on developing a systematic approach to the early recognition and stabilization of adult and paediatric trauma patients ... more info

Sedation Training for Endoscopists

  • Simulation-based training can reliably provide exposure to multiple adverse events ensuring that providers of sedation have an opportunity to manage crises they may not otherwise encounter in clinical practice ... more info