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Harvard Medical School Visiting Professor coaches HNE Simulation Faculty

Dr Robert Simon, Senior Director of Educational Leadership & International Programs at the Centre for Medical Simulation in Boston, returned to the HNE Simulation Centre in March 2018 to facilitate an intensive coaching program for senior instructors. 

Dr Simon, a leader in healthcare simulation, last visited Newcastle in 2013 for the opening of the refurbished HNE centre. He has more than 35 years’ experience as an educator, 25 of those specialising in research, development and training for high performance, high stress teams in aviation and medicine.

The coaching program provided 13 instructors with a unique opportunity to improve their ‘difficult conversation’ skills.  These skills are used every day in simulation centre debriefings, and also during feedback conversations in the workplace.

The relationship between the Boston centre and our centre has remained strong.  One of our senior instructors, Dr Sacha Muller-Botti, regularly delivers training alongside leaders such as Dr Simon in locations as diverse as Spain, Chile and Saudi Arabia.  This means HNE instructors are always up to date with the latest developments in healthcare simulation. 

Ultimately, this type of specialised training continues to increase HNE staff capability in the effective use of simulation which, in turn, enhances patient safety and care.

HNE Simulation Centre Postgraduate Scholarship

This scholarship was recently made available to a registered nurse or midwife employed by Hunter New England Health to conduct original research on simulation (increasing understanding of how and why it works), or using simulation (helping study, for example, human performance or systems). The third alternative was an evaluation study of an existing simulation program with a view to improving training transfer into clinical practice.

Anaphylaxis Study

The Monash Simulation Centre together with the HNE Simulation Centre is currently investigating the use of new guidelines during intraoperative anaphylaxis.

ConnecT Team Skills Training Study

The ConnecT Study forms part of a PhD thesis investigating teamwork training in healthcare.  We hope to understand and make recommendations about whether the training is effective in improving teamwork attitudes and behaviours, and, if so, whether it is best provided in the classroom, simulator, or both.  The ConnecT Study will be the first study worldwide to evaluate the effectiveness of healthcare simulation and classroom based teamwork training in combination, using a control group that has not undergone training.

Dan Raemer - HNE Simulation Centre Visiting Professor

Dan Raemer, PhD, Harvard Medical School & The Center for Medical Simulation, Boston gave a special Grand Rounds presentation (21 February 2013) on the challenges of speaking up. The presentation was made possible through the support of the HNE Simulation Centre. 

Debriefing Research

The HNE Simulation Centre is currently investigating the quality of debriefing in the centre by using an anonymous rating system.

Fellowship Opportunities

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Instructor Training

The centre regularly runs one and two-day instructor training courses. Send us an email us for more information about instructor training.  


Dr David Donnelly from the John Hunter Hospital Anaesthesia Department is conducting an investigation into the design and utility of cognitive aids in anaesthesia crisis management.