​Dr. Rheily Wood - Critical Care Senior Resident Medical Officer

Congratulations Rheily on being the first volunteer instructor to be awarded the title of Associate Faculty at the HNE Simulation Centre! 

Rheily, how do you feel about your new role?

It is an honour to be recognised now as part of the simulation faculty and humbled that my work there has been meaningful. It will be great to continue to be involved in the improvement in medical education in the Sim Centre and working with everyone into the future!

Where are you currently working?

I am a PGY3 working as a Critical Care SRMO. I am currently at the intensive care unit at the Calvary Mater Hospital, after just completing my anaesthetic term.

What are your ultimate career aspirations?

I hope to have a career in anaesthesia and am aiming to get a highly competitive registrar position for 2017. This career choice was heavily influenced by my time in the Simulation Centre.

How did you start your association with the HNE Simulation Centre?

I completed an SSO (Special Study Option) placement in the Simulation Centre as a medical student in 2013. I was always interested in learning how to be a quality teacher and thought this would be an opportunity to get an insight into how to provide good medical education that would help me throughout my career.

How did you continue your involvement with the HNE Simulation Centre?

After my SSO placement I participated in all the instructor training courses during 2014. Once I had completed my instructor training I volunteered to assist on courses during my days off or on my ADOs. I continued to be keen on teaching and the Sim Centre were able to give me ongoing teaching experience, allowing me to instruct on a wide variety of courses.

What benefits have you had from your ongoing involvement with the HNE Simulation Centre? 

Personally, I have been able to meet all the wonderful staff who work tirelessly in the Simulation Centre. This includes a multidisciplinary team of administrative, nursing and medical staff. They have all been so helpful in teaching me and accommodating in allowing me to get as involved as I wanted.

Professionally, it has been fantastic to work closely with staff specialists in the intensive care and anaesthetic disciplines. It has been career changing to ask questions and learn from them over the last 3 years. I also get to learn from all the participants on each and every course, as there are always different scenarios being thrown at people and to see how they deal with tough situation allows me to evaluate my own practice and strive to improve.

Do you have any words of advice for medical students or junior doctors who are thinking of getting involved with the HNE Simulation Centre?

Being involved in the Simulation Centre has been one of the highlights of my career so far. Not only do I feel more confident in my teaching skills, but I get to work regularly with great people with so much knowledge that I am always learning something new. I would highly recommend it for anyone looking to improve their teaching skills in a challenging but fun and supportive environment.
















Thinking about getting involved with the HNE Simulation Centre's Trainee Instructor Program?  Contact us on (02) 4921 4268 or email HNELHD-SC@hnehealth.nsw.gov.au