School Vaccination Program

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

My child missed a vaccine in the school program, what happens now? 

Students who miss vaccine doses due to absence on the day of the nurses' visit will be offered catch-up vaccination at subsequent school clinics. Where this is not possible, parents will be advised that free catch-up vaccine is available at their local GP.

I can’t see my child’s school vaccinations on AIR?

Most school records with the exception of vaccines administered in some Local Health Districts, in the current school year are available on AIR.  If you believe a school vaccination has been administered and is not visible on the AIR, complete the Request for school vaccination records be added to the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) form.

I need a vaccination summary to enrol my child in a new school and their school vaccinations are not showing on the AIR.

Schools are only after the records for your child up to the age of 4yrs, as this was their primary vaccination course. Schools are not looking for records of vaccinations given within the school program

Refer to NSW School Vaccination Program 2020 for more information.