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August: Vaccine storage, Aged Care - changes to pneumococcal vaccine recommendations, Safety advice regarding Zostavax vaccine, Catch-up calculator, Men B brochure, FAQs, New injection site poster, New schedule with lines between encounters, Enhancing data quality of vaccination encounters recorded in practice software and on AIR – tips and tricks, Shoulder injury related to vaccine administration (SIRVA)

June 20: Changes to the immunisation schedule from 2020, Transporting extra 2020 influenza vaccines, Save the date - Immunisation Update, Immunisation Team would like to acknowledge, National Reconciliation Week, ATAGI clinical advice on changes to vaccine recommendations and funding for people with risk conditions from 1 July 2020

June 3: Message from Director-General WHO, Frequently Asked Questions for visitors to Aged Care Facilities, Provide a record of influenza vaccination to all patients who will be visiting an ACF, Adverse Event Following, Immunisation reporting, Latest news from the NSW Health Vaccine Centre, Our local Vaccine Heroes, Important information to look out for in July 2020, News from the National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance, New resources regarding Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people & COVID-19, GP participants wanted for a research project on maternal vaccination, The Australian Immunisation Handbook is now an app

April 20: Keep Immunising– (using enhanced infection control measures)- We all NEED YOU!, Check out our updated influenza page on our website, pneumococcal vaccine not recommended to protect against COVID-19, LIVESTREAM Education sessions. 

April 6: Immunisation education - livestream session Wednesday 8 April 2020, FAQ’s this week. 

March 24: Routine vaccines to continue, 2020 delivery of influenza vaccines, ATAGI advice on shortened waiting times post-vaccination, Shortage of PNEUMOVAX 23, Our innovative nurses in action, COVID-19 testing, Influenza FAQ, The Australian Immunisation Handbook App is here!, Preparing patients for expected adverse events. 

March 13: Influenza 2020 Education Session, NSW Influenza toolkit, Table of influenza vaccines funded by NSW, pneumococcal vaccines will not provide protection against the novel coronavirus infection, non-current immunisers education sessions, HNELHD website. 

March: COVID-19 links, Influenza 2020, Immunisation Education sessions for NON-CURRENT Nurse immunisers. 

February: New HNELHD Immunisation website, Novel coronavirus, Immunisation Education Up-dates 2020, Cold Chain Breach Labels. 




December: Measles Alert, Vaccine Storage over summer, Updated information on Logtag batteries, NSW Vaccine Centre operating hours over summer, Post exposure treatment following exposure to an Australian Bat or mammal overseas.

October: HNEPHU PHN Immunisation Conference, Bexsero PI and AIH differences, MMR vaccine funded in NSW for everyone born since 1966, Influenz​a vaccine late in the season, Cold Chain breach, Additional information required when ordering vaccines, 2019 Immunisation education dates, Vaccine Heroes conference HNECC PHU YouTube clip, Ordering NSW Health re-sources.

July:  NAIDOC Week 2019, AIR access to change, Peak season for meningococcal disease, Hepatitis B Vaccination and Screening Pathway, Medicare letters to parents of adolescents, Translating overseas immunisation encounters, Influenza vaccination in patients with a history of Guillain-Barré Syndrome, Vaccine shortages in the private market, Funded MMR vaccine for people born since 1966, New resources from NCIRS, 3rd edition of Strive for 5​.

May:  Vaccine Heroes Immunisation Conference, Missing adult vaccinations, Influenza vaccine and egg allergy, Correct vaccination sites, Reducing pain of vaccination, New Injection Site Poster, Types of vaccines, Co-administration of vaccines, Variations from Product Information, Online Vaccine ordering, Are you meeting the requirements to receive NIP vaccines, Meningococcal ACWY Vaccine for Adolescents

April: Measles, Who should receive measles vaccine, MMR vaccine in travel, Minimum age for MMR vaccine, 2019 Influenza Program, Right dose, right age, Influenza vaccine for newly diagnosed immunocompromised, Influenza vaccine for > 65 yrs, Recommended timing of live vaccine doses in adults and children taking corticosteroids, New guidelines for dTpa in pregnancy, Recommended timing of live vaccine doses in adults and children taking corticosteroids

March: Seasonal Influenza Vaccination 2019, Administration of expired Vaccines, Measles outbreaks, Funded MMR Vaccine in NSW, What evidence is required for Health care worker and student vaccination

February: New vaccine storage guidelines, Managing a cold chain breach, NCIRS Updated Factsheets, Vaccine safety data, Clinical placements - obtaining records for students, Composition of 2019 Influenza vaccine, Neonatal Hep B program, Summer influenza, Flutracking data, 2019 School Vaccination Pro-gram, Tetanus prone wound management for immunosuppressed patients, New schedule for Bexsero, Rabies FAQ - Pre and post-exposure to rabies




November/December: Yellow Fever Accreditation changes, Pertussis Alert, NCIRS seminar series, Cold chain management this summer, HPV records transition to AIR, Providing feedback to Australian, Immunisation Handbook, Live shingles vaccine screening tool, Communicating about vaccination

October: When can you give the 4-year vaccine, School vaccines on AIR, Adacel for pregnant women, AusVaxSafety surveillance data, PhD Scholarship, Summer Storms, Boostrix IPV (dTpa-IPV) vaccine is no longer available to order, Feedback to the online Australian Immunisation Handbook

September: World Rabies Day, New online digital Immunisation Handbook, Health care student requirements, New Immunisation Resources, Meningococcal Disease, Rotarix new presentation, AIR enhancements

August: Maintaining your authority to Immunise, Immunisation education dates, Summary of NIP changes, AIR Education and tips, Reporting Adverse events— using the correct form (AEFI’ s), Commonwealth Government resources, Vaccines in Public Health Work-shop– registrations now open

June : Influenza update, Ordering vaccines, Ordering restrictions, NSW Health Flu webpage, Shortage of Adult, Hepatitis B vaccines, Which vaccines have latex?, Summary of 1 July NIP schedule changes, Reporting adverse events, PHN Immunisation Support Program, Live Zoster vaccine screening tool, Q&A for children’s flu shots, Medical conditions for funded vaccine, SmartVax

April: Influenza vaccine 2018 – important points, Who is eligible for funded influenza vaccine, NSW Health Flu webpage link, what will the influenza vaccine boxes look like, important tables, when should we have the vaccine, which vaccines have latex, reporting vaccine to AIR, reporting AEFI, ATAGI statement on influenza, funded influenza for all children >6mo to 5 years, medical conditions for funded vaccines, immunisation coalition resources, PHAA 16th National Conference in Adelaide, Beating the flu bug, influenza resources, UPDATED NCIRS flu factsheets, UPDATED NCIRS Influenza FAQs, vaccine safety surveillance, optimal timing of vaccine, labels for Influenza vaccines, correspondence from Department of Health CMOTTP November 2018.pdf

March: What would you like to hear about, Influenza season is coming, 2018 NSW School Vaccination Program, Gardasil and Gardasil9 recommendations, Influenza Vaccine 2018 – a brief summary, Influenza Vaccine important tables, Second booster dose of DTPa is due at 4 years of age for children born after Oct 2014, News Flash - Nimenrix Men ACWY at 12mo coming to NIP, Menveo in short supply, April new interim NSW Immunisation Schedule & Staff Profiles

January - February: Welcome to 2018, What would you like to hear about, NEW 2018 NSW School Vaccination Program, Q Fever—new resources and online training, NEW Introducing Gardasil 9, Stop press NEW Meningococcal ACWY vaccine to be introduced to NIP,  Vaccine safety– get involved,  NEW 2018 Influenza vaccine funded for all children 6mo to <5 years, NEW NSW Cold Chain Pilot.  



October: Vaccine Online ordering changes, Updated Meningococcal Vaccine Factsheets, Public Health Act Amendments for Child Care Centres, AIR changes, Immunisation and pregnancy, Zostavax advice, Shortage of Hepatitis B vaccine in the private market, Australian Bat Lyssavirus and rabies post-exposure treatment, Immunisation Snippets, UPDATED Additional vaccines funded in NSW has expanded, Rotarix vaccine.

>August: Immunisation Conference, Measles case in Sydney, Flu vaccine-not too late to vaccinate, Zostavax advice, Shortage of Hepatitis B vaccine in the private market, Message Stick, Pneumococcal disease guidelines for general practice, Snippets on Immunisation and Rotarix vaccine in use across all of Australia

May: Administration site for adult vaccines, Zoster vaccine - order limit increased, Influenza vaccine - give now, SHortage of Hepatitis B vaccine in the private market, No gap required between live and inactivated vaccines

March 24: 2017 seasonal influenza vaccine program,  TGA safety advisory following zoster death,  Meningococcal vaccines

March: Zostavax contraindications, 2017 Influenza Program, Vaccine storage,  AIR forms, State immunisation rates, NSW Vaccine centre updates

February: Meningococcal update, Zoster reminder, School program, HPV report, Link to the NCIRS weekly

January: Changes to how HNELHD presents immunisation education, what you need to do to maintain your authority to immunise, 2017 Immunisation Conference - save the date 



November Special Edition: New Zoster program commencing on 1 November 2016, Zoster Q&A, Zoster not on nurses authority, Zostavax & Vaxtracker, Zostavax and asplenic patients, Zoster journal articles

September: Vaccine storage,  Old Immunisation newsletters, Expansion of the ACIR to the AIR, New Zoster program, Zoster vaccine - veterans access, Growing up unvaccinated, Links to updated, online copies of The Australian Immunisation Handbook and new schedules, RACGP - electronic communication

July: Getting ready for the AIR, Health advice re. Zika virus, Computerised vaccine fridge logger is now mandatory, New NSW Health webpage for Immunisation Providers, Antimicrobial resistance, Vaxtracker results

May: No Jab, No Pay, Vaccines administered overseas, How to notify ACIR a child is on catch-up, Influenza 2016, Vaxtracker 2016, 18 mth DTPa

April: Influenza 2016, Egg allergy and vaccination, Latex in influenza vaccines, In the news, Recording vaccines administered to pregnant women, Summary of changes to the NSW Immunisation Schedule

April:; Influenza Program 2016, Farewell Jody, No Jab, No Pay, 2016 Influenza Vaccine table, 18 mth  DTPa vaccine program

February: Immunisation education updates, Zika Virus, No Jab, No Pay, Influenza 2016


December: dTpa for Pregnant women from 28 weeks until delivery, Notifying HPV vaccine doses to National HPV Register, New requirements for storing vaccines, Rash after MMR or MMRV

October: Pertussis vaccination in pregnancy, HPV program success, HealthPathways, Breaking News - varicella back in stock Reporting to ACIR, Changes to ACIR, Changes to National Cervical Screening Program, MMR vaccine - ensure 2 doses given to all born since 1966

September: Zoster vaccine, Pneumovax 23, Replacement blue book, AEFI, Reporting AEFI, Large injection site reaction, How to order Common reactions pad

August: New changes to the Immunisation Handbook, Proposed changes to ACIR, Proposed changes to immunisation requirements

July: New HNE Immunisation website, How to document the 18 mth dose of DTPa, Prevenar 13 in adults

Special Edition 31 March: Vaccination recommendations for pregnant women