​Past Environmental Health bulletins

      • December 2016: Salmonella Wangata; Drinking Water Quality Assurance Programs; EPA Lead Safety Fact Sheets; Skin Penetration & Sterilisation; Winter Air Quality Results; Tobacco - Sales to Minors Breach; Conferences & Training; Christmas Message; IFEH Roy Emerson Award 2017
      • September 2016: Public Swimming Pool Educational Resources,  New Penalties for Tobacco Retailers, Guidelines for food businesses at temporary events, Living near Flying Fox Colonies,  Australian Drinking Water Guidelines Health Based Targets, Imported Food Reforms - Consultation Regulation Impact Statement, Conferences & Training, Building Resilience to Climate Change Grants and NSW Drinking Water Database Training for Water Utilities.
      • June 2016:  Water Splash Parks , Online Public Health Emergency Management Training, Maintaining Health during
        Floods and Storms, FloodSafe, Lower Hunter Particle Characterisation Study, Container Deposit Scheme for NSW, Legionnaire’s Disease /Cooling Tower Maintenance, Lowering Youth Smoking Rates , Conferences & Training , HealthStats NSW
      • March 2016
        Schedule 4 drugs, Notifiable blood lead levels in NSW, Eyeball tattooing, Perfluorinated Chemicals: Guidance Statements and Fact Sheet, Zika virus, Food safety guidelines for the preparation of raw egg products, Pacific oyster mortality syndrome, Cessnock healthier oils initiative, Conferences and training, Online tobacco retailer training.
      • December 2015  
        Electronic Cigarettes, Food regulations 2015, NSW Health Aboriginal Environmental Health Training Program, NSW Health Lyssaviruses Warning, On-site Single Domestic Wastewater Management, Floatation Tanks, Guidelines for Recycled Water Management systems, Remediation of Clandestine Laboratory Guidelines, Swimming Pool Sanitisers/Biocides, Naegleria fowleri and Human Infection, Notifiable Blood Lead Levels in NSW, Conferences and Training and HCCREMS New Data Release.
      • September 2015
        Splash parks, New Emergency Response online module, Review of food safety Australia, Naturally Occurring Asbestos, Quality Assurance Programs, Web links, Policy Directive - Requirements for the provision of cold and heated water, Conferences and Training.
      • March 2015
        No smoking in commercial outdoor dining areas; Mr Fluffy insulation; Lower Hunter Particle Characterisation Study; Mushroom poisoning warning for NSW; Food Standards Australia date marking; Draft Waste Less, Recycle More Education Strategy; Safe Drinking Water; Conferences & Training.
      • September 2014
        NSW Arbovirus Surveillance and Mosquito Monitoring Program; Safe Use of Raw Eggs; Hoarding: Pathways Through the Maze; Natural Hazards: Public Health Considerations; Newcastle Local Air Quality Monitoring Network – Map; Hepatitis E Cases linked with Pork Liver; Model Asbestos Policy for NSW Councils; Drinking Water Quality; Conferences & Training; NSW Health – Health Protection Reports.
  • June 2014
    Drinking Water Quality; Assurance Program; Sporotrichosis Facts; ADWG Updates; Bandicoots and Salmonella; Resilience of Buildings; Legionnaires Investigation; Water Cooling and Warm Water System Registers; Lower Hunter Water Plan 2014; Assessing Service Station Sites; POEO (Waste) Regulations consultation; National Construction Code 2014; Conferences & Training; Online Public Health Emergency Training.
  • March 2014
    Know Asbestos in Your Home; Welcome to the Country; Hygiene Standards for Nail Treatments; Clandestine Drug Labs - enHealth Position Paper; Do you have Bed Bugs?; Year in Review: Health Protection in NSW 2012; NSW Aboriginal Land
    Council Subdivision Program; Coal Train Report Findings; Conferences and Training; FSANZ Agents of Foodborne Illness 2nd Ed.
  • October 2013
    Bushfire Smoke; Food Safety in Emergencies; Asbestos and Fire Damaged Buildings; Rainwater Tanks after a Bushfire; Mosquito season is approaching; Safety with potting mix; NSW Health updates; Cemeteries and Crematoria Bill 2013; Planning Bill 2013; Laser Tattoo Removal; Tattoo Parlours Act 2012; Housing for Health – The Guide; Conferences & Training; E-liquid Warning.
  • July 2013
    Hospital-Acquired Legionnaires' Disease; Community Bulky Waste Clean-Up Project; Local Government Notification Requirements; Swimming Pool Advisory Document; Ban on Synthetic Drugs; Reducing Emissions from Wood Burning Heaters; Wind Turbines and Health; Snail Facials; Model Asbestos Policy for Councils; Keeping Food Safe – Safely; New and Updated Resources; Conferences and Training; Skin Penetration Fact Sheet Translations.
  • April 2013
    NSW Health Alert on Cryptosporidiosis; Food Premises within Hospital Grounds; Love Food Hate Waste; Mine Blast Fumes Fact Sheet; Housing for Health; Public Health Act Fact Sheets & Templates; Septic Tank Advisory Group; Licensing Requirements for the Tattoo Industry In-Force; Amendments to Radiation Control Legislation; Sign Up for FluTracking; State of the Environment Report 2012; Conferences & Training.