Monthly Communicable Diseases Reports



  • August: Acute rheumatic fever; measles; Hepatitis A; malaria; infectious disease alerts; influenza; immunisation updates​
  • July: Invasive meningococcal disease; listeriosis; influenza; multi-drug resistant shigellosis; dengue fever; Improving Vaccine Confidence, Demand and Uptake Workshop​.​
  • June: High Influenza activity continues, Decrease in HIV notifications, Hendra virus risk, Newcastle Vaccine Heroes Conference.
  • May:  High Influenza activity, Current communicable disease alerts, Typhoid prevention for travellers.
  • April:​  Flutracking, Influenza, Immunisation, Meningococcal disease​.
  • March: Increased influenza activity, Ongoing measles cases, Gastroenteritis in child care centres.
  • February: Increased influenza and pertussis activity, Ebola in the DRC, Changed dosing schedule for the meningococcal B vaccine​.
  • January: Measles and pertussis, Summer diseases, Beat the heat.​


  • November: Mosquito-borne diseases, Pertussis, Gonorrhoea and syphilis.
  • October: The influenza season is over, local and global updates.
  • September: Influenza, travel health resources, updated online Immunisation Handbook, sexual health, global updates.
  • August: Influenza activity remains low, annual meningococcal campaign launched, Q-vax availability, sexual health information.
  • June: Influenza activity, sexual health resources and information, meningococcal disease in Fiji, Acute Rheumatic Fever.
  • May: Influenza activity and the vaccine situation, Ebola in the DRC, Managing urinary infections in ACF, Q fever tools, Legionella longbeachae and potting mix.
  • April: Influenza vaccine advice, Q fever awareness, recent public health alerts, antibiotic stewardship.
  • March: Influenza vaccination, arboviruses, listeriosis outbreak update.
  • February: Listeriosis, influenza, skin infection cluster, immunization update (meningococcal, influenza, tetanus)
  • January: Managing summer heat, gastroenteritis,  arbovirus diseases, Hepatitis C treatment, immunization update


  • November: increased parechovirus infection in neonates, HIV Awareness day and quiz, Meningococcal disease update        
  • October: Local measles transmission in NSW, bat breeding season, water fluoridation health report and a Hepatitis A update
  • September: Meningococcal W increase, Hep A outbreak, seasonal influenza update
  • August: High levels of influenza activity, record facility ILI and gastro based outbreaks, zostavax update and syphilis outbreak
  • July:  Influenza, Measles, Norovirus, Flu-Info Kit
  • June:  Influenza activity increasing, vaccine available, HIV statistics show no reduction in heterosexual rates
  • MayInfluenza activity increasing, vaccine now available Updated meningococcal and adult vaccine factsheets.
  • April: Influenza and respiratory infection, Vaccination Centre, Measles, Gonorrhoea, Immunisation - pregnancy and secondary school children, Antibiotic susceptibility data, Communicable disease notifications.
  • March: Influenza and respiratory infection, measles, hand foot and mouth disease, adult vaccination, mosquitoes and arbovirus infection, cryptosporidiosis, shingles vaccine, communicable disease notification s.
  • February: Introduction of the meningococcal W childhood vaccine, Ross River virus activity decreases, Heatwave conditions increase bat exposure risk.
  • January:  Increased Ross River virus activity, Varicella zoster vaccine contraindications, PFAS testing information.



  • November: Increased mosquito collections indicating higher arboviral risk, Meningococcal disease awareness, Thunderstorm asthma.      
  • October: Decreasing influenza activity, Increasing gonorrhea notifications, Varicella zoster vaccine now funded for 70-79-year-olds.
  • September: Meningococcal disease, Brucellosis, Influenza and respiratory infection, Gastroenteritis, MERS-CoV, Immunisation news.
  • August: Influenza and respiratory infection, Gastroenteritis, MERS-CoV, Legionellosis, Hepatitis C, Immunisation news
  • July: Influenza and respiratory infection, Gastroenteritis, Shigellosis, Hepatitis C, Immunisation news.
  • June: Influenza and respiratory infection, Advice for people traveling overseas, Cryptosporidiosis, Invasive meningococcal disease, HIV, Gonorrhoea, Recent changes to hepatitis C treatment and management, ‘Lets Talk About Antibiotics’ and updated antibiograms, Immunisation News, Communicable disease notifications.
  • May: Influenza and respiratory infection, Disease outbreaks in institutions,  Immunisation News, and Communicable disease notifications.
  • April: Influenza notifications increased, Influenza vaccination now available, Pertussis activity remains high.
  • March: Annual influenza vaccination, Pertussis activity continues, Sexually transmitted infections - MSM screening.
  • February: Pertussis, Zika virus, Influenza and respiratory infections, Meningococcal disease, Gastroenteritis, Immunisation news, Summary of Communicable Disease notifications.
  • January: Zika virus, Immunisation: No Jab No Pay, Bats, lyssavirus and increased summer risk, Prevent mosquito bites and arboviral disease, Importance of pertussis vaccination for pregnant women, Summary of disease notifications.



  • December 2015: Pertussis…ongoing, Parechovirus infection affects infants, Bats, lyssavirus and increased summer risk, Prevent mosquito bites and arboviral disease and Increased cryptosporidiosis notifications.
    • November 2015:Pertussis, Vaxtracker, Human Parechovirus, MERS-CoV and Ebola update. Pertussis alert for clinicians .
    • October 2015: Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) update, Influenza, Gastroenteritis, Shigellosis, Immunisation, NSW Hep B and C strategies mid-year data report and Ebola update.
  • August 2015: July 2015: Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) and Ebola update.