​Vegetable Creek Multipurpose Service - Emmaville

Health service manager

Jenny Newberry


13/33 Glen Innes Road
Emmaville NSW 2371

Contact details

Telephone: 6734 7900

Visiting hours

8am to 5pm


Parking is available at the front of the MPS and at the Back-Nil cost

Services available

​Emergency​Nurse Lead
Doctor available Tuesdays
​Occupational Therapy​Referral visit and review​Outreach
​Social Work​Meets with community members and staff​When required
​Speech Pathology​Assess Residents speech and eating capabilities​Every second month
​Dietician / Dietetics​Meeting with clients​Monthly
​Women's Health Clinic​Womens Health​Monthly
​Pathology​Blood work​Weekly
​Wound CNS​Assess clients and residents​Monthly
​Child and Family Clinic​Baby clinic and family matters​By appointment
​Mental Health​When required
​Breast Screen​Mobile mammograms​Yearly
​Foot Clinic​Footcare nurses attend​By appointment
​Diabetes Nurse practioner​Referral and consult​Armidale
​Clinical Nurse Consultant – Dementia​Referral visit and review​Outreach
​Occupational Therapist​Referral visit and review​Outreach
​RespiratoryVisit and review​Outreach
​Acute to Aged​​Referral visit and review​​Outreach
​School immunisation​Community Health​Twice yearly