​North West Cancer Centre

Operations manager

Margaret Macpherson 


Dean Street
Tamworth NSW 2340

Contact details

Radiation Oncology Reception:
Telephone: 6767 8720  
Fax: 6761 2780

Clinic Reception:
Telephone: 6767 7760  
Fax: 6766 9173

Hours of operation

The North West Cancer Centre primarily operates on Weekdays during regular business hours.


A dedicated 30-space car park for cancer patients and carers, including three disabled parking spaces and a pick-up/drop-off point for patient transport services.

Services available

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The cancer centre primarily treats the most prevalent and most commonly diagnosed cancers including breast, prostate, lung and gastro intestinal cancers, and will help improve quality of life and life expectancy for cancer patients treated and cared for in Tamworth.

It is important to note, that not all radiation oncology patients will be able to be treated in Tamworth. Some patients with complex and rare cancers that require more specialised treatment, will still need to travel to a metropolitan centre for some of their surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and other specialised care.

Specialty ​Sub-SpecialtiesProceduresAvailability
Medical OncologyAdult - all cancer typesChemotherapy, clinics5 days per week
​Radiation Oncology​Adult - all cancer types​Radiation Therapy, clinics​5 days per week
​Haematology​Adults​Clinics and Infusions​3 days per week, Telehealth and on site
NWCC visiting services
to Armidale
​Medical Oncology​Adult - all cancer types​Clinic - consults, reviews​1 day per week (Thursdays)
​Radiation Oncology​Adult - all cancer types​Clinic - consults, reviews​1 day per week (Tuesdays)
to Moree
​Medcial Oncology​Adult - all cancer types​Clinic - consults, reviews​1 day per fortnight (Wednesdays)


About the North West Cancer Centre

The North West Cancer Centre is part of the Tamworth Hospital and provides Oncology Services to patients from the North West and New England regions of NSW.  This includes medical oncology (chemotherapy) and radiation oncology.  The centre opened its doors in 2013 and since then has treat hundreds of patients.  While the Tamworth medical oncology service has been running for many years (in smaller facilities), radiation oncology was not available in the North West prior to the centre opening. 

The construction of the NWCC was funded jointly by Commonwealth and NSW State government as part of a program to bring quality care closer to home for regional patients.   The Centre also enjoys strong community support and partnerships with related organisations that enhance the care offered to patients.

Having services offered in Tamworth has meant less travel for regional patients, but around 45% of patients still travel more than 100km to receive care at the NWCC.  Our dedicated accommodation facility “Inala House” provides a home away from home for those patients who require long courses of treatment.

The Cancer Centre team have been drawn from all over the Country and around the World.  We acknowledge the Gomeroi/Kamilaroi people as the traditional owners of the land that we now live and work on.  We are committed to playing our part in Closing the Gap and work collaboratively to ensure our services are culturally safe and appropriate.

Our commitment to all patients in our community is evident through quality improvement initiatives such as Active Patient Portal.  This is a secure online service that allows patients to view their Radiation Oncology appointments and other key information.  We are the first centre in Australia to introduce it.