​Moree detailed services


Imaging services

Specialty ​Sub-Specialties ​Procedures ​Availability
​CT ​Contrast and non contrast24/7
​Perfusion scanning7am Monday until 4pm Friday
​Ultrasound​Monday - Friday 8am - 4pm
​X- Ray​24/7


General Surgery

Specialty ​Sub-Specialties ​Procedures ​Availability
​Operating theatresUpper GIDiagnostic and Interventional gastroscopy including upper GI haemorrhage (variceal banding, injection of bleeding variceals and insertion of Sengstaken Blakemores tube), Biopsy of the upper GI tract24/7 emergency
​Colorectal​Diagnostic & interventional colonoscopy including  treatment of PR bleeding using injection methods, injection of haemorrhoids, biopsy collection, snaring of lower GI polyps and tumours​24/7 emergency
​General​Femoral, incisional, and inguinal hernia repairs, vasectomy, Carpal Tunnel release, Laparotomy, Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy​24/7 emergency
​Skin​Lesions, skin grafts, abscess incision and drainage​24/7 emergency
​Obstetrics​Caesaerean Section, Removal retained products, cervical tear repair​24/7 emergency
​Gyneacological​Laparoscopy, D+C, insertion/removal of IUCDs, tubal ligation,salpingectomy, bartholins cyst​​24/7 emergency
​Dental​Removal of teeth​Elective
​ENT​Myringotomy and insertion of grommets​Elective
​Opthamology​Phacoemulsification of cataracts & insertion of intraocular lens, Pterygium removal & graft, Oculoplastic surgery​Elective



Orthopaedics Knee Arthroscopy, Anterior cruiciate Ligament repair, Shoulder arthroscopy, carpal tunnel release, excison of ganglionElective



PaediatricsDental surgeryElective
​Low to medium risk general paediatric patients​ENT surgery​Elective



EmergencyCritical Care/Acute CareAll emergency presentations for management, stabilisation and/or transfer to definitive care24/7



Maternity & Newborn Services as per Level 3 role delineation Maternity and Level 2 NurseryAntenatalAntenatal booking ins 
​Antenatal​Shared care ante natal clinic
​Antenatal Education sessionsPreparation for labour, birth and parenting
​​Labour and birthing
  • ​Birth from 37/40
  • Instrumental birth
  • LSCS
  • Vaginal birth after LSCS
​Post Natal Care
  • ​Post natal care after birth
            • Breastfeeding support
Immediate care of newborn
  • Short term care for simple newborn problems
  • Resuscitation and stabilisation of newborn for transfer
  • Short term NGT feeding, Phototherapy



Renal Medicine Heamodialysis 6 days per week


Visiting Services - Acute

NeprologyOutpatient reviewsOne day per month
​Maternal Fetal Medicine High Risk Clinic​Reviewing high risk pregnancies​One day per month
​Oncology​Outpatient clinic​One-two days per month
​Chemotherapy and Infusion Services​Chemotherapy and Infusions​Three days per week


Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy
  • Home Modifications
  • Equipment Assessment and provision
  • Inpatient Assessment for Discharge
  • Home Assessments
  • Adult & Paedatrics
Client wait time for specific services varies and is assessed and prioritized in accordance with clinical priorityMonday - Friday


Social Work

Social WorkInpatient & Community Support Wednesdays
​Cancer Care​Mon, Tue, Thur and alternate Fridays
​Child Protection Counsellor​Referral from FACs only​Monday-Friday
​Sexual Assault Counsellor​Crisis Counselling & support​Monday-Friday
​Violence, Abuse & Neglect Counsellor​Crisis Counselling & support​​Monday-Friday



PhysioGeneralist physiotherapy services, Cardiac and
Pulmonary Rehabilitation groups
Referrals via General PractitionerMonday-Friday


Speech Pathology

Speech PathologyAdult and paediatrics. Assessment and interventions for children and adults with communication or swallowing difficultiesInpatient, community and outpatient referralsMonday-Friday



DieteticsGeneralInpatient, community and outpatient referralsMonday-Friday