Armidale Hospital detailed services

Imaging Services

Specialty ​Sub-Special​​ties ​Procedures ​Availability
​Mobile CR X-Ray​Adult​CXR​24/7
​Mobile II​Surgical​Op. Cholangiogram​​24/7
​General Dr​Head, Neck​​24/7
​Spine​C.T.L Spine​​24/7
​Thorax​CXR, Ribs​​24/7
​Upper Extremity​Shoulder > Hand​​24/7
​Lower Extremity​Hip > Feet​​24/7
​Contrast Studies​Small Bowel Series​​24/7
​Ultrasound​Abdomen​Monday - Friday
​Doppler​​Monday - Friday
​DVT​​Monday - Friday
​Small Parts​Thyroid, Testes​​Monday - Friday
​Paediatrics​​Monday - Friday
​MSK​​Monday - Friday
​Breast​​Monday - Friday
​Obstetric​​Monday - Friday
​Interventions​Drainage​​Monday - Friday
​Biopsy, Injections​​Monday - Friday
​Foreign Body Location​​Monday - Friday
​CT​Non-Contrast​Head, Neck​​​24/7
​Upper Extremity​​​24/7
​Lower Extremity​​​24/7
​​CT​Contrast  ​Head, Neck​​​24/7
​Abdomen / Pelvis​​​24/7
​Upper Extremity​​​24/7
​Lower Extremity​​​24/7
​CT​Interventions​Biopsy Monday to Friday
​Drainage​Monday to Friday
​Injections​Monday to Friday
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General Surgery

Specialty ​Sub-Specialties ​Procedures ​Availability
​General Surgery​Upper GI​Endoscopy + Stricture​​​​24/7, emergency surgery
​Diagnosis of Ca Oesphagus/stomach​24/7, emergency surgery
​Upper GI Bleed​24/7, emergency surgery
​Colorectal​Colonoscopy​24/7, emergency surgery
​PR Bleeding​24/7, emergency surgery
​Colon Cancer​24/7, emergency surgery
​Benign Anorectal Conditions​24/7, emergency surgery
​Abscess, Fistula Pelvic Floor Disorder​24/7, emergency surgery
​Rectal Prolapse​24/7, emergency surgery
​Haemorrhoids​24/7, emergency surgery
​Diverticular​24/7, emergency surgery
​Liver / HBP​Gall Bladder Pathology​24/7, emergency surgery
​Liver Pathology​24/7, emergency surgery
​Ca Pancreas​24/7, emergency surgery
​Pancreatitis​24/7, emergency surgery
​Obstructive Jaundice​24/7, emergency surgery
​General​Hernias - ALL​24/7, emergency surgery
​Acute Abdomen​24/7, emergency surgery
​Acute Abscess​24/7, emergency surgery
​Diverticulitis / ABS (Acute Bowel Syndrome)​24/7, emergency surgery
​Circumcisions​24/7, emergency surgery
​Breast​Abscess​24/7, emergency surgery
​Skin​Cancer​24/7, emergency surgery
​Lumps and Bumps​24/7, emergency surgery
​Vascular​Diabetic Foot​24/7, emergency surgery
​Peripheral Vascular Disease​24/7, emergency surgery
​Paediatric Surgery​> 2 years​24/7, emergency surgery
​Acute appendicitis​24/7, emergency surgery
​Abscess​24/7, emergency surgery
​Hernias  ​24/7, emergency surgery
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Specialty ​Sub-Specialties ​Procedures ​Availability
​Orthopaedics​Acute Musculoskeletal Fractures - Upper and lower limb fractures​Reduction/stabilisation/fixation​​24/7, emergency surgery *
​Acute Musculoskeletal Fractures - Pelvic fractures​External fixation​24/7, emergency surgery *
​Acute Musculoskeletal Fractures - Paediatric​Closed/open reduction +/- fixation​24/7, emergency surgery *
​Acute Musculoskeletal Fractures - Non-operative spinal fractures​24/7, emergency surgery *
​Dislocations​Closed/open reduction​​24/7, emergency surgery *
​Soft Tissue Injuries            
- Limb
​Washout/debridement (open and arthroscopic)​​24/7, emergency surgery *
​​Soft Tissue Injuries 
- Tendon/ligament rupture/laceration
​Tendon/ligament repair (excluding hand flexors)​24/7, emergency surgery *
​Muscuoloskeletal infections/wounds  - Septic arthritis/Bursitis​Washout 24/7, emergency surgery *
​Muscuoloskeletal infections/wounds  - Sheath infections​Washout24/7, emergency surgery *
Muscuoloskeletal infections/wounds  - Diabetic foot ulcers (normal vascular supply)​Debridement/amputation​​24/7, emergency surgery *
​Elective​Hip and knee arthroplasty​24/7, emergency surgery *
​Soft tissue release (eg. Carpal tunnel/de quervain/trigger finger)​24/7, emergency surgery *
​Soft tissue excision ​24/7, emergency surgery *
​ACL reconstruction​24/7, emergency surgery *
​Knee arthroscopy, meniscal repair/excision​24/7, emergency surgery *
​Rotator cuff repair​24/7, emergency surgery *
​Foot and ankle fusions/osteotomies​24/7, emergency surgery *
​Removal of hardware​24/7, emergency surgery *

* Exception of shadow weekends

  • Shadow weekends 1 in 2
  • No Orthopaedic consultant or registrar on site
  • Orthopaedics available for advice and admission of non-operative cases
  • Major Orthopaedic trauma or if requiring surgery urgently is to bypass Armidale

 Not covered by Armidale Orthopaedics

  • Spinal stabilisation
  • Pelvic stabilisation (beyond emergency external fixation)
  • Facial fractures
  • Dental
  • Injuries of hand involving flexor tendons (referred to JHH)
  • Cauda equina (available for advice, however needs tertiary centre)
  • Limb ulcers with impaired vascular supply
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Specialty ​Sub-Specialties ​Procedures ​Availability
​Paediatrics​General Paediatrics​24/7
​Juvenile Type I Diabetes​24/7
​Acute Review Clinic​Direct referral from GPs​24/7
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​Emergency​All emergency presentations for management, stabilisation and/or transfer to definitive care.​24/7
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Specialty ​Sub-Specialties ​Procedures


​Maternity & Newborn Services​Antenatal Care​Midwifery Clinic5 days per week
​Obstetric Clinic​2 days per week
​Antenatal Classes​Preparation for labour/birth and parenting​Weekly and some Saturdays
​Foetal Medicine​Complex pregnancy consultation​Monthly
​Labour and Birthing​Birthing from 34/4024/7​
​Multiple birth​24/7
​Vaginal birth after LSCS​24/7
​External version​24/7
​Epidural for pain relief​24/7
​Post Natal Care​Lactation Consult​As required
​Breastfeeding ClinicWeekly
​Special Care Nursery​Ventilation for transfer​24/7
​C.P.A.P up to 24 hours​24/7
​N.G Feeding​24/7

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Mental Health

Specialty ​Sub-Specialties ​Procedures


Mental Health ServiceEmergency mental health care in the EDAssessment & referral to address identified individual needs24/7
​Voluntary mental health inpatient unit​Stabilisation and treatment of mental ill health24/7

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Visiting Services – Acute

Specialty ​Sub-Specialties ​Procedures


​Fracture clinic​Fractures and tendon ruptures​Note: soft tissue injuries (e.g. ankle sprains) are not accepted​Wednesday, Thursday 9am - 11am
​PhysioMusculoskeletal ​Monday to Friday, 8am - 4.30pm
​Women's health​Monday to Thursday, 8am - 4.30pm
​PaediatricsNote: ​NDIS eligible not accepted​Monday to Friday, varying times
​Hydro​Note: NDIS eligible not accepted. Weight above 140kg not accepted.​Monday to Thursday, varying times
​Urology​TURPS​Referral by GP/Physician/Surgeon
​Bladder Resections
Ophthalmology​Intra ocular lens implants
​Cardiology​Referral by GP/Physician
​Psychiatry​Voluntary Admissions / reviews ​Director Psychiatrist
​Consultation Emergency​10:30am to 4:00pm 3 days per week
​Presentations as required​Locums full time as available
​Share with community mental health
​Adult​Fillings and repairs
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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy Services focus on developing and maintaining peoples skills to carry out their everyday occupations such as work/school, self care, leisure and play.

Specialty ​Sub-SpecialtiesProceduresAvailability
​Occupational Therapy​Hand Therapy​Monday to Friday 8.00am to 4.30pm
​Palliative Care
​Neurological Impairment
​Specialised Equipment and Seating
​Home Assessment
​Chronic Disease

Referral Procedures

Inpatient referrals

  • Journey Board

Community Referrals

Hand Therapy Referrals

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Social Work

Social Workers are skilled professionals who work as part of your team. They can assist you in dealing with practical and emotional issues as they arise and may include:

  • Accommodation Assistance
  • Referral to other agencies
  • Information about Financial Assistance
  • IPTAAS (Isolated Patients Accommodation and Assistance Scheme)
  • Travel Information
  • General access to information regarding your illness
  • Advance care planning discussions
  • Referral, mediation and advocacy
  • Assessment of needs
Specialty ​Sub-SpecialtiesProceduresAvailability
​Social Work​Social Work Department Manager​Manages the daily operations of the social work department​Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5.00pm
​Aboriginal Liaison Officer (ALO)​The ALO is employed to ensure that any person who identifies as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) is able to access culturally appropriate care whilst in hospital​This service is available Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5.00pm. PH:677669670
​Hospital General Social Worker​The Hospital Social Worker is available for all patients in Armidale Hospital. ​This service is available from Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5.00pm. PH:67769683
​Oncology Social Worker​This position provides service to both inpatients and outpatients who are renal patients requiring Dialysis​This is a part-time position.  Please call for further information PH:67769896.
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Specialty ​Sub-SpecialtiesProceduresAvailability
​Fracture Clinic​Fractures and Tendon RupturesSoft tissue injuries eg: ankle sprainsWednesday & Thursday 9.00am to 11.00am only
Chronic injuries
​PhysioMusculoskeletalMonday to Friday 8.00am to 4.30pm
​Women's HealthMonday to Thursday 8.00am to 4.30pm
​Paediatrics​NDIS Eligible​Monday to Friday variable
​Hydro​NDIS Eligible, wt > 140kg​Monday to Thursday variable

All referrals must be made by MO (Medical Officers). All referrals are triaged and categorised using clinical appropriate waiting time tools.

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Speech Pathology

Specialty ​Sub-SpecialtiesProceduresAvailability
​Speech PathologyAdult dysphagia and communication Monday to Friday
Paediatric dysphagiaReferral onlyMonday to Friday
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Outpatients Specialist Clinics

Armidale Specialist Outpatient clinics are conducted from the Ambulatory Care building located on Rusden Street. 

The Clinics operate Monday – Friday 0830-1700, excluding Public Holidays. 

A current GP referral letter is required for all medical specialist clinics. 

All specialist visits are billed via Medicare. For non-medicare eligible patients, an up- front payment is required prior to the consultation. 

All referrals are individually assessed, triaged and prioritised based on the clinical information provided by the referrer. 

Patients and referrers will be contacted when an appointment is made/changed.

Armidale Outpatients Specialist clinic are very busy and there are wait lists for specialised services. 

More specialised clinics are being conducted via Telehealth. 

​​​Specialty Clinic​Sub-specialties ​​Availability
​​Pre-admission​Anaesthetics​​Thrice weekly
​Surgery​General​Thrice weekly
General medical
Infectious Disease
Thrice weekly
​Twice weekly 
High Risk Maternal Foetal
Endocrine outreach
​Oncology​Medical Oncology
Radiation Oncology
​Geriatric​General geriatrics
​Ear Nose and Throat​Monthly
​​ Non-medical clinics conducted in Ambulatory Care.
​​​ ​Requires referral and based on appointments.
​Liver clinic​Nurse led​Monthly
​Wound Clinic​Community nurses​Daily
Dietician​​Clinician led​Daily
​Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation​​Nurse Specialist​​Daily
​Diabetic Educator​​Nurse Specialist​Daily
​Continence​Nurse Consultant​Weekly
​Women's Health​Nurse Specialist​Weekly
​Aged Care​Nurse Practitioner​Weekly
​Diabetes​Nurse Practitioner​Weekly

The Ambulatory Care building is best accessed from Rusden Street where there are lifts that access each floor. 

​For further information regarding the Ambulatory Care Outpatient Clinics please contact the Nursing Unit Manager on (02) 6776 9500.

General medicine

Specialty ​Sub-SpecialtiesProceduresAvailability
General medicineCardiologyHeart failure
Arrhythmia - monitoring
​Acute Coronary Syndrome
​D/C Cardioversion
​N.I.V type 2 respiratory failure
​Intercostal Drains
​Diagnostic Plural aspirations
Gastroenterology​Liver failure
​Large volume ascitic tap
​Diagnostic ascetic tap
​Hepatic encephalopathy
​NeurologyThrombolysis for Ischaemic Stroke
​Observation post seizure
​Investigation of headache - lumber puncture
​Stroke rehabilitation
​Rapid assessment of TIA
​Rheumatology​Investigation and management
​Joint aspiration
​Infectious diseases​Diagnosis
Intravenous antibiotics
​Monitoring drug levels
​Monitoring response
​Including TB, HBIV & HCV
​EndocrineDiabetic ketoacidosis (​DKA)
​​Hyperosmolar hyperglycaemia state
​Acute thyroid problems
​Acute adrenal problems
​Post stroke
​Post NOF
​Post operative
​(Not spinal)
​Renal​Acute Diagnosis
​Renal biopsy
​(No acute Dialysis)
​Preparation for chronic Dialysis
​Tissue Biopsy
​Haematology​Blood Transfusion
​Acute assessments
​Bone Marrow Biopsy
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