Pre-SET JDOC preparation

All medical officers interested in pursuing surgical training are welcome to attend education sessions conducted by the HNE Surgical Training Network.  It is highly recommended that pre-SET / JDocs participate in:-

  • HNE Basic Surgical Skills Course (Weds afternoons fortnightly)
  • SET1/Registrar/SRMO & JMO Surgical Sciences Exam Preparation teaching (Weds afternoons fortnightly)
  • Advanced Surgical Anatomy Postgraduate Training Course (ASAPT) – Newcastle University
  • Interview Skills Teaching
  • HETI Surgical Sciences Exam Preparation Course

Professional development

Interview skills education session conducted annually in June for preparation for SET interviews.  Refer to education timetable for date.

Surgical library

A range of surgical texts have been purchased by the HNE Surgical Training Network and are available for loan from hospital libraries located at Armidale, Maitland, Tamworth, and Taree.  A surgical library is also located in Belinda Tuynman’s office in the Division of Surgery at John Hunter Hospital. 

Surgical skills training room

The Surgical Skills Training Room is located in the Clinical Skills Training Centre (next to the John Hunter Hospital Lecture Theatres).  The HNE Basic Surgical Skills Course is conducted in this room.

Surgical training equipment

Laparoscopic trainer boxes, needle holders and graspers have been purchased for training for John Hunter Hospital and our rural hospitals.  In addition to using this equipment at our formal education program sessions based at JHH you can arrange to use the equipment by contacting the Hospital Supervisors at Armidale, John Hunter, Maitland, Tamworth and Taree or by contacting Belinda Tuynman, Education Support Officer located at John Hunter Hospital.


If you are considering pursuing a surgical career you should familiarise yourself with the JDOC framework document available from RACS. 

RACS recommended skills for surgical training

If you are considering pursuing a surgical career you should aim to be able to perform some necessary surgical skills competently by the end of your JMO years of training.  Refer to RACS Website.

Masters of surgery

If you are considering doing a Master of Surgery do not hesitate to discuss with Dr Steve Smith.

NSW Health Education and Training Institute (HETI)

NSW HETI organise valuable courses throughout the year.  We will keep you advised.  Further information is also available on their website.  

  • HETI Surgical Sciences Intensive Course
    In particular HETI arrange the HETI Surgical Science Intensive Course for exam preparation.  Feedback from this course is always very good and it is highly recommended to attend.
  • Golden Scalpel Games 
    The Golden Scalpel Games is an annual event.  It is a fun team-based competition to showcase the surgical skills of aspiring young surgeons from across the Surgical Skills Training Networks in NSW.

HNE Centre for medical professional development

  • • Teaching on the Run
    The HNE Centre for Medical Professional Development conducts Teaching on the Run courses.  It is highly recommended that you do this course.  Please refer to the intranet for further information.
  • Workplace Based Assessments
    The Centre for Medical Professional Development (CMPD), in collaboration with the University of Newcastle's School of Medicine and Public Health, has been granted accreditation for two years by the Australian Medical Council to conduct workplace based assessment (WBA) for International Medical Graduates (IMGs).
    In 2010, Hunter New England Health was the first location in Australia where IMGs, seeking general registration through the AMC standard pathway, could be assessed using an alternative standard pathway offering workplace based assessment in place of the clinical examination. Success in this process would lead to the granting of the AMC Certificate.  For further information email