Partnering with Consumers Hub

Welcome to the Hunter New England Health Partnering with Consumers Hub.

The hub contains links to information, resources and tools to support genuine and meaningful partnerships. It includes resources for both staff and consumers who currently partner with us.

The hub supports our approach to partnering with consumers, which is outlined in A Framework for Partnering with Consumers 2019 .

It also includes information on health literacy and effective communication – key considerations when engaging with our patients, their families and carers, and our communities.

It will assist services preparing for accreditation under the National Safety and Quality in Health Service Standards, and support cl inicians to partner with patients in their own care.

For each topic you will find key policies, procedures and guidelines; tools and resources; and education and training, where these are available. Staff will be able to link to district level evidence for the Partnering with Consumers standard.

Icons are used throughout the hub to indicate the relevant level of partnership:

  • partnerships between individual patients and their healthcare provider/s
  • partnerships between consumers and a service, department or program of care
  • partnerships between consumers and the HNE Health organisation
  • governance and quality improvement

The hub will become a one-stop shop for partnering with consumers, and new information, resources and tools will be added over time.

The information describing the topics below is sourced from the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care.

Clinical Governance and Quality Improvement         

Good governance systems are important for the effective delivery of care, empowering patients as partners and improving health outcomes.

This includes applying safety and quality systems to processes for partnering with consumer and using quality improvement systems to monitor, review and improve processes for partnering with consumers.

Partnering with patients in their own care​

Person-centred care is the gold standard approach to healthcare delivery worldwide. Partnering with patients in their own care is an important pillar of person-centred care. It focuses on the relationship between a consumer and a clinician, recognising that trust, mutual respect and sharing of knowledge are needed for the best outcomes.

Partnerships with patients are made up of many different interrelated practices. Partnering with patients in their own care can improve the safety and quality of health care, improve patient outcomes and experience and improve the performance of health services.

Health Literacy

In Australia, 60% of people have low health literacy. Health literacy refers to how people understand information about health and health care, and how they apply that information to their lives, use it to make decisions and act on it.

Addressing health literacy by simplifying communication and supporting patients, families and carers to understand and manage their health is a key way to improve their quality of life and reduce the impact of disease.

Partnering with consumers in organisational design and governance​

Partnering with consumers and the community is now an essential element in discussions and decisions about the design, implementation and evaluation of health policies, programs and services.

Partnerships can take many forms – from informal, one-off activities, to involvement through focus groups or workshops, or having an ongoing seat at the decision-making table on our various committees.

But whatever form of partnership is used, genuine and purposeful partnerships reflect the diversity of our communities, strengthen ties, and incorporate consumers’ views and experiences.