Updated guidelines for visitors to hospitals and inpatient facilities

For the safety of our patients, staff and the general community, HNE Health has taken steps to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spreading by changing our guidelines on visits to hospitals and inpatient facilities.

The following visitor limitations are now in place across the District. 

No visitors or support persons

  • Residential Aged Care Facilities 

  • Maternity outpatient or clinic appointments

  • Outpatient appointments and clinics (except in cases where a support person is essential e.g patients with a disability or frail elderly)

One support person or guardian

  • Maternity birthing and delivery (one nominated support person for the duration of their admission)

  • Maternity postnatal and gynaecology admissions (one nominated support person only for the duration of their admission)

  • Paediatric inpatient and outpatient care (one parent or guardian for duration of admission or appointment)

  • All other wards

  • Intensive and end of life care (one nominated support person only. Exceptions may be made on compassionate grounds)

HNE Health acknowledges there may be a need for exceptions under compassionate grounds, for example, those who are elderly and frail, have a disability, or are receiving end of life care. 

These decisions will be managed on a case-by-case basis by the treating team. 

While it is understood this may cause concern with some family members, we need to ensure we have done everything possible to protect our patients and staff by asking everyone to follow these guidelines until further notice.