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Muswellbrook Hospital Redevelopment

The $21.5 million Muswellbrook Hospital Redevelopment involves the expansion and refurbishment of the existing hospital. The redevelopment includes:

  • Chemotherapy department consisting of four standalone chairs, and the creation of a Chemotherapy procedure/isolation room, which will also contain a chair
  • Renal Dialysis Unit consisting of five spaces, and an additional renal dialysis isolation room, which will also contain a chair
  • Expanded Ambulatory care clinic, consisting of six consultation rooms, two interview rooms and one procedure room
  • Day Stay Unit consisting of six recovery bays
  • A new medical imaging facility.

Alongside the redevelopment of clinical areas, the project will also deliver an expanded reception and admission area.

Latest news

JUNE 2019

In May, around 50 staff, auxiliary and Health Council members, Aboriginal elders, special guests and representatives from various organisations, including Hunter New England Local Health District and Health Infrastructure, officially “welcomed” the new Muswellbrook Health Service building. The special occasion also included a "brushing" ritual by Uncle Glen Morris where all guests were cleansed of any ills before walking into the new building.

The new building provides increased capacity of services such as renal dialysis, chemotherapy, ambulatory care, day stay and medical imaging.

Refurbishment works are now occurring within the existing hospital to finalise the $21.5 million redevelopment project.  Once these works are concluded, the new and old will connect seamlessly and complete the redevelopment project. The project is on track to be completed in mid-2019.


31 JULY 2018

To date over 200 workers have put in over 26,120 hours, poured 1500 cubic metres of concrete and laid 200 tonnes of steel to reach today’s milestone of topping out the $21.5 million Stage 2 Muswellbrook Hospital Redevelopment.

In the construction industry, a topping out ceremony involves the symbolic raising of a tree to the top of a new building to signify reaching the highest point of construction. The practice dates back to pre-Dark Age Scandinavia, traditionally evergreens are used to top out buildings, but at Muswellbrook, we’ve used a hardy Lilly Pilly.

Enjoy the short clip of the ceremony! 



15 JUNE 2018

We had trucks lined up and ready at dawn to start pouring over 360 cubic metres of concrete onto the first floor of the $21.5 million Muswellbrook Hospital Stage 2 redevelopment.

The momentous – and always satisfying – occasion was captured thanks to a camera mounted on the tower crane – check it out below.