​John Hunter Health and Innovation Precinct

The Master Plan for the NSW Government's John Hunter Health and Innovation Precinct (JHHIP), which includes a $780 million investment in John Hunter Hospital and John Hunter Children's Hospital, has been unveiled.

The John Hunter Health and Innovation Precinct will deliver updated and enhanced facilities providing a larger facility to meet the demands of the Greater Newcastle, Hunter New England and northern NSW Regions. The precinct will encourage partnership with key health, education and research partners from within and beyond the immediate region. 

Planning is now underway for The John Hunter Health and Innovation Precinct, which will provide:

  • A brand new, larger Emergency Department, including paediatric Emergency Department facilities
  • Expanded and enhanced Critical Care services including Intensive Care, Operating Theatres and support services
  • Additional patient accommodation that meets modern standards, made up of a mixture of single rooms and two bed rooms
  • Increased interventional and imaging services
  • Enhanced outpatient services
  • Clinical and non-clinical support services including areas where staff, students and precinct partners can collaborate
  • Facilities and capabilities to continue development partnerships with industry and higher education providers
  • Improved road access to the campus and increased parking
  • Increased short term accommodation to support rural and regional families and patients
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Infrastructure and services to support service delivery, particularly in the area of telehealth

Stage 1 of the precinct development will involve a significant expansion of the John Hunter Hospital, interim works to alleviate traffic congestion on site and planning for the precinct.

There are a number of stages in planning, designing and building a new hospital and precinct.  The video in the link below explains the process, with every project tailored to the unique requirements of its community. Read more about the stages of this process.

Interim Emergency Department - April 2020

Works have commenced on the Interim Emergency Department (ED) at the John Hunter Hospital. 

A new Emergency Department is included in the NSW Government's $780 million redevelopment of the John Hunter and John Hunter Children's Hospital, however the interim works have been brought forward to allow the existing Emergency Department more options and treatment spaces for managing the expected surge with winter and COVID-19 response.

These works will provide an additional 12 treatment spaces to the existing 30 in the Emergency Department as well as an additional procedure room.

They will repurpose the existing administration area and provide a dedicated paediatric Emergency Department treatment zone.

A key factor in the ability to bring these works forward is that they can be completed without operational impacts to the current Emergency Department. 

Once completed, the additional area will be used to treat paediatric patients while allowing the existing Emergency Department more options and treatment spaces for managing COVID-19 patients.

Works are scheduled to be completed by mid 2020. 

Key Steps for the JHHIP

Clinical Services Plan

This is the process of creating a plan to meet the health needs of our local community. This plan will consider current health data and data projections of future needs, such as population growth and a changing age profile. It also outlines contemporary and future models of care and inform changes to the way we will provide services to our patients, in line with the new facilities. This process is now underway and the project team has begun consultation with key clinical groups about current and future services. 

Master Plan

The JHHIP Master Plan has now been released. A Master Plan identifies areas for redevelopment and buildings expansions. The Master Plan for the JHHIP includes three key zones: the hospital precinct (including the significant expansion of John Hunter Hospital to the north), research and education, and parallel providers.

01 - Precinct Masterplan_web.jpg 

For more information about the JHHIP, please contact the project team on: