Air-conditioning for Tenterfield Hospital

With summer less than a month away, Tenterfield Hospital will use the next few weeks to install its $125,000 ducted-air-conditioning system.

Peter Williams, General Manager, Tablelands Sector said the air conditioning would be fitted just in time for the hottest part of the year.

“We know that this upgrade is something the community has been looking forward to for some time,” Mr Williams said.

“While work goes ahead, the emergency department will remain open around the clock, however, the medical ward will temporarily close from Monday, 9 November to Sunday, 29 November.

“The reason for this is precautionary to ensure any asbestos which needs to be removed from the ceiling cavity can be done so safely by licensed contractors and transported off-site.

“While the ward is shut, any patients who require admission for ongoing care will be transferred to the nearest hospital possible that can best support their medical needs.

“Before reopening the ward, it will obviously be thoroughly cleaned and certified by an occupational hygienist to ensure all work carried out complies to the highest safety standards.

“While our first preference is to care for Tenterfield people in their own hospital, the next three weeks will pass quickly, and our patients, visitors and staff will enjoy air-conditioned comfort for many years to come.”

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